Car safety: even sitting at the rear, wear your seatbelt

Our readers have their say about road safety, Liz Truss, floods in Pakistan and a digital feather library project

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Jul 02, 2014 -  Lesley Cully and her two daughters,  Esme,6, (back) and Lydia, inside their car using the children car seat, outside their villa in Al Safa area.  For a story on the Buckle Up in the Back campaign for the weekend. The story is anupdate on its hard-hitting campaign. It launched its latest campaign in March this year,which illustrated the reality of life in a wheelchair, living with epilepsy and the daily struggleof a colostomy-bag user - all consequences of road accidents that could be avoided if thevictim had been wearing a seat belt. ( Jaime Puebla / The National Newspaper ) Ramona Ruiz
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With reference to RamolaTalwar Badam's article Cyrus Mistry's death puts spotlight on India's dismal road safety record (September 6): The tragic death of the 54 year old former chief executive of Tata begs the question whether a seatbelt could have prevented the two deaths in this accident. According to several reports, Cyrus Mistry, sitting in the backseat, was not wearing the seat belt. On the highway it is also dangerous to drive too slowly but speeding didn't help at all. This should be a cautionary tale for all.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

Liz Truss: is the new British Prime minister a clear favourite?

With reference to Tim Stickings' report Liz Truss to be new UK prime minister after winning Tory leadership race (September 5): It appears the UK would rather Liz Truss over a rich Indian who seemed to know how to make money for the country and would have been clever enough to clean up the mess. I would have preferred it if Boris Johnson stayed. One thing is for sure: I am happy to stay here in the UAE instead of in the UK where it looks like one mess after another.

Seema Klaire, Dubai

I find some people's views that Rishi Sunak didn't become prime minister because he is Indian to be ridiculous. There are plenty of people of colour in the British government. Plus there are about 30 MP’s of Indian and Pakistani origin. So there is really no reason to allege racism, however subtly in conversations online and elsewhere. Maybe the Conservative leaders picked Liz Truss for other reasons. There was definitely a lot of talk about echoes of Margaret Thatcher in her.

C Simpson, Dubai

Floods in Pakistan

With regard to the article Poor Pakistanis 'start from zero' after floods leave them homeless and jobless (September 6): It's going to take a lot of work and several months to rehabilitate people and rebuild homes. Praying for Pakistan and for those who were affected by the floods.

Ujeli Magar, Manang, Nepal

Helping not just the birds

With reference to Neeta Lal's report in your Weekend edition India's first digital feather library project is flying (September 2): Kudos to Esha Munshi of Gujarat for building something out of her love for birds and pioneering the project to establish India’s first such library. It goes to show that for people who search for opportunities and have willing minds, there are fields to work in constructively for the benefit of many.

K M Furqan, Abu Dhabi

Published: September 09, 2022, 3:00 AM