Americans can no longer enjoy a burger in peace

Our readers have their say on gun violence, the London heat, racism, Brexit and air travel

The Gun Violence Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, on June 7. Bloomberg
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The same old story in America

With reference to the report Three people shot dead in Indiana mall shooting before passer-by kills gunman (July 18): it is just beyond belief that this is repeatedly happening in the US.

Gillian Bell, Dartmouth, UK

The next one will be soon enough and this one will be forgotten.

Darren Banner, Idaho, US

Tragic how every day it's the same story in the US.

Saima Anwar, Karachi, Pakistan

And still the American government is busy in other countries' internal affairs while in their backyard there are a lot of problems.

Ariel Ventura, Dubai

Can't one enjoy a burger in peace at a mall without fear and worry of a possible shooter? America, the land of the free.

Ted SG, Abu Dhabi

Sizzling London

With reference to Soraya Ebrahimi's story London set to ‘be hotter than Caribbean’ amid UK heatwave (July 18): the problem is that nobody has an AC. Most schools don’t have one either. Houses are usually small and pokey and are built to retain the heat because of the cold winters. The fact that the body can’t cool down at night time makes it very very uncomfortable and potentially dangerous to people that really aren’t used to the heat or how to behave in it.

Debra Bentley, Queensland, Australia

We can't deny climate change. The poor planet is getting hotter.

Imran Hassan, Islamabad, Pakistan

There should be no place for racism in today's world

With regard to the report US soprano withdraws from Arena di Verona opera over blackface performance (July 17): racism, inequality and injustice in all shapes and forms should end by now. We need to put these things behind us to progress. We are one earth and one family. Anything less than that is primitive behaviour on all sides.

Samson Wallace, Abu Dhabi

In air as on land, better safe than sorry

About your report Air India Dubai flight diverted to Muscat after burning smell from faulty oven (July 17): good job on the pilot's part. Whatever it takes as a precautionary measure, you need to do it.

Zul Zueqirne Zevlag, Al Ain

What did Boris Johnson accomplish?

Regarding Neil Murphy's report UK launches aviation charter to address airport disruption (July 17): thought the UK was going to be an international transport hub after Brexit. Seems we’re just an international joke after Boris has been in charge. Looks like his only achievement has been changing the UK passport colour.

Phil Sutton, Gamlingay, UK

Published: July 22, 2022, 3:00 AM