Boris Johnson's resignation: overdue or unnecessary?

Our readers have their say on Boris Johnson's resignation, the crisis in Sri Lanka, Modi's visit and a critical spine operation

Prime Minister Boris Johnson addresses the nation as he announces his resignation outside 10 Downing Street, on July 7, in London. Getty
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Boris Johnson's resignation: long overdue or unnecessary?

With reference to Paul Carey and Damien McElroy's report Boris Johnson resigns: Search begins for new UK prime minister (July 7): Now it's a country that works.

David Nyamgum, Lagos, Nigeria

He did the honourable thing.

Randall Mohammed, Dubai

It's still a mystery how he managed to become PM in the first place.

Ilham Riluwan, Doha

In this difficult time worldwide, it was unwise for him to tender his resignation. It makes a situation worse.

Chui Wing Hoi, Hong Kong

The Tories always fight with each other and turn on their prime minister. Always. There's nothing new here.

P Sullivan, Hertfordshire, UK

Too bad, the damage has already been done.

Theon Van Der Linden, North Brabant, Netherlands

Sri Lanka's woes will find resonance in countries hit by inflation

With reference to Layla Maghribi's report UK warns against travel to Sri Lanka (July 6): Yes, the situation is bad. As the report said, the country of 22 million doesn't have enough medicines or cooking gas or fuel, and even food has become a problem. But this is the case not only in Sri Lanka. People across the world must be reconsidering expenses and restricting travel to their own countries. Recessions hit everyone and people do their bit to prepare for the worst.

BL Kumar, Dubai

Modi's visit further strengthens UAE-India ties

With reference to Ramola Talwar Badam's report President Sheikh Mohamed's meeting with Indian leader Modi an 'opportunity to reconnect' (June 29): the elaborate coverage of the visit by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, coming from the G7Summit in Germany to the UAE, was an interesting read. The visit is bound to have fostered closer ties between the countries. Decades of good relations, a friendly atmosphere, strong trading links between India and the UAE, and now this recent trip of Prime Minister Narendra Modi are all factors that are bound to further improve relations, which will benefit the people of both nations, as well as Indians in the UAE.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

Hoping for a positive result in this case

Regarding Nick Webster's article Dubai schoolgirl walking two days after innovative spinal operation (July 6) : My daughter had this surgery in 2018 when we lived in Abu Dhabi but the surgery was in Germany. She went back to school 3 weeks post surgery and struggled even opening schools doors. Our tether broke 3/4 years later and her curve returned.

Debbie McEwan, Manama, Bahrain

Published: July 08, 2022, 2:10 AM