No apology needed, Marcus

Our readers have their say on football, the violence in South Africa and an animal lover in Iraq

A Stand Up to Racism Demonstration at the Marcus Rashford mural in Machesters, UK. It was defaced England's defeat to Italy in the final of Euro 2020. Reuters

With regard to the report Marcus Rashford 'sorry' for penalty miss but 'will never apologise for who I am' (July 13): No apologies ever needed for identity or ethnicity, only assured improvement in his ability to take spot kicks in the future.

Srinath Sambandan, Hyderabad, India

Well done, Marcus. Be who you are, a kind and talented footballer who helps feed hungry kids – something that those thuggish, supposed-to-be England fans are not. It was a game of football, it’s done now. We can move on.

Glynys Hatfield, Dubai

What a shame for those who made him feel that he needs to apologise for anything. He did his best in the situation he was in.

Bozena Gab, Abu Dhabi

He should not be apologising for anything. People need to get a grip. The joy and the disappointment is what makes sport great.

Greg Rice, Guilderland, New York

Rashford should keep his head up high.

Abdelrahman Traboulssi, London, UK

He doesn't need to apologise for anything. He had a nation on his shoulders. Only ignorant fans would demand an apology for a missed shot, a fouled-up pass. The better team won, that's it. It hurts but that's it.

Massimo Albano, Rochester, New York

The greatest players of all time have missed penalties; it is part of the game.

Joe Khachoyan, Beirut, Lebanon

The violence in South Africa has gone too far

With reference to Jack Dutton's report South Africa: eyewitnesses describe terrifying riots that killed 72 (July 14): the people of South Africa were already struggling. These recent events have made matters worse. It's very sad. Looks like hard times are ahead.

Suria Newham, Abu Dhabi

The violence is taking place across South Africa, not restricted to poorer areas. There are places where there is complete lawlessness and rioters are burning infrastructure to the ground. There is now limited access to food or fuel.

Teagan Peat, Abu Dhabi

The violence and looting we are seeing qualifies as a state of emergency. It's gone too far already.

Fernadia Kearns, Dubai

Need more people like this animal lover in Iraq

Regarding the video posted on The National's Facebook page Young Iraqi woman fosters and treats stray cats and dogs in her city (July 13): I would love to support this woman. She's doing a great service.

Ria Vd Graaf, Rotterdam, Netherlands

We need more people like her.

Ricky Mestre, Dubai

Published: July 15th 2021, 4:00 AM