Syria accuses Israel of attack in the country’s south

Syrian opposition war monitor says Israel was behind attack

Syria on Monday accused Israel of an attack in the country’s south.

The early morning attack was launched at the southern Quneitra province against two government military outposts on the edge of the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, a war monitor said.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported from Britain that an Israeli warplane hit and damaged the outposts, but there were no reports of casualties.

Israel rarely comments on such reports, but it has launched hundreds of strikes against Iran-linked military targets in Syria over the years.

It has increased its attacks in Syria in recent months as officials in Israel are concerned about Iran’s growing presence and influence on its southern front.

An official at the Syrian Foreign Ministry told state news agency Sana on Monday that the attack was another of Israel’s repeated breaches of Syria’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

Updated: October 25th 2021, 10:03 PM