36 passengers rescued after speed boat capsizes in Egypt's Red Sea

Passengers included 26 Polish tourists, eight crew members and two tour guides

The Yemeni cities of Little Aden and Aden, on the coast of the Arabian Sea near the Red Sea, pictured by UAE astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi.
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36 passengers were rescued from a speedboat which sank in a stretch of Egypt’s Red Sea, south of the resort city of Marsa Alam.

A live stream of the rescue mission showed the boat slowly sinking into the water as rescue teams helped passengers.

26 Polish tourists, eight crew members and two tour guides were on board.

The capsized boat, named the New Dream, sank after a collision with coral reefs in the area cracked its hull, according to local reports.

The rescue was carried out by another nearby luxury speed boat named Enjoy, which answered the New Dream’s call for aid.

Local media reported the passengers were taken to a port in Marsa Alam where they received medical attention. No serious injuries were sustained by any passengers.

لحظة إنقاذ 36 فردًا بينهم 26 سائحًا من غرق مركب في مرسى علم ⭕️ تعرض مركب سفاري للغرق في منطقة شعاب قطعة الشرم جنوب مرسى علم فجر اليوم إثر اصطدام عنيف أدى لكسر جزء كبير في الجزء السفلي للمركب ⭕️وتمكن طاقم مركب آخر من إنقاذ 26 سائحًا بولنديًّا و8 أفراد من طاقم العمل، بالإضافة إلى 2 مرشدين سياحيين كانوا جميعًا على متنه.

Posted by ‎ابراهيم الشاذلى - Ibrahim El Shazly‎ on Wednesday, June 7, 2023

In April, a triple-decker diving cruise ship capsized in the Red Sea while carrying 35 people in Egypt’s northern Red Sea region, all passengers also survived.

The Red Sea is well-known for its complex networks of coral reefs that make diving there a scenic experience, but add to the treachery of sailing.

Updated: June 07, 2023, 11:42 AM