Prince Charles and Camilla visit Roman city in Jordan

The heir to the British throne walks around Gadara, a Roman city overlooking the Sea of Galilee

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Britain's Prince of Wales and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, walked around the picturesque Roman ruins of Gadara in northern Jordan on the second day of their Middle East tour.

The city of Gadara was a major Roman outpost in the Middle East, strategically located in a plateau overlooking the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights. It is a two-hour drive north-west of Amman.

The kingdom of 10 million people was established as the British protectorate of Transjordan 100 years ago. The country was granted independence in 1946 and renamed the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan but it has kept close ties with Britain and the US.

Prince Charles, who was wearing a khaki suit while at Gadara, said "it was particularly special to visit such a significant place.

His visit to Jordan went ahead despite ongoing concerns over Queen Elizabeth II's health. But Prince Charles said his mother is "alright”.

“Once you get to 95, it’s not quite as easy as it used to be. It’s bad enough at 73,” he told Sky News in Gadara.

Local media have mostly given only brief coverage to the visit by the royal couple, who met met King Abdullah and Queen Rania on Tuesday at Al Husseiniya palace near Amman.

Raed Nasser, a mechanic in Amman who has family in Britain, said that he watched a news item on the couple at Al Husseiniya palace but did not hear more about their activities in Jordan.

"If I had known Charles personally I might have checked for more news on them," he said.

Among other members of the Jordanian Royal Family met by Charles and Camilla was Princess Dana Firas, who advocates for nature preservation. She is the wife of Prince Firas Bin Raad, whose father is a cousin of King Talal, the king's grandfather.

The princess accompanied Charles and Camilla on a tour of Gadara and asked Prince Charles about his participation in the latest climate conference this month in Glasgow, known as Cop26.

"Quite a lot of success, I think,” the prince said.

On Tuesday, the royal couple visited the site on the Jordan River where Jesus is believed to have been baptised.

Touring Elijah's Hill, the couple saw excavations around the muddy river, near the place where John the Baptist and Jesus met, according to Christian teachings.

Prince Charles and Camilla dipped their fingers in the water.

The royal couple arrived in Jordan on Tuesday morning to start a two-day visit that includes meetings with humanitarian groups and officials from charities linked to Prince Charles.

The British royals will head to Egypt on Thursday, where they are scheduled to meet President Abdel Fattah El Sisi.

Updated: November 18th 2021, 8:53 AM