Broadcasting in Hebrew, Palestinian station seeks Israeli ears - in pictures

From a bright, modern studio, the newly launched Jerusalem 24 offers an unusual broadcast for Palestinian media: it delivers the news in Hebrew, hoping to reach an Israeli audience

Employees work at the newly-launched Jerusalem 24 radio station in the city of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank.

Jerusalem 24 launched in September with a mandate to cover the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and in particular its impact on Palestinian lives.

David Haliva, an Israeli personal trainer, regularly tunes in to Jerusalem 24.

Despite massive international diplomatic and media attention traditionally devoted to the conflict, Jerusalem 24's chief editor said the day-to-day hardships endured by Palestinians remain under-covered, especially locally.

In keeping with its mandate to share Palestinian perspectives with the Israeli public, Jerusalem 24 criticises both Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Updated: November 22nd 2021, 7:58 AM