Tunnel found near French ambassador's residence in Tunisia

Tip-off led to discovery a house in coastal suburb of La Marsa

An antiterrorism raid in Tunisia has uncovered a tunnel being dug near the French ambassador’s residence from a house frequented by a known extremist, the Interior Ministry said.

The tunnel, which was discovered early on Wednesday, is the subject of an investigation to determine its purpose and whether the ambassador's residence was a target.

A tip-off to security forces of suspicious activity at the home in La Marsa, a coastal suburb to the north-east of the capital, Tunis, where many diplomats and expatriates live, led police to the house where they discovered the entrance to the tunnel.

The French embassy declined to comment on the situation. The Ministry of the Interior said the investigation was continuing and declined to give further information.

The ministry has in recent weeks conducted several raids on people whom it claims are involved in terrorist activities, often posting photos of confiscated goods and detailing their successes on Facebook.

After the 2011 uprising, violent extremists proliferated, with many Tunisians leaving the country to fight in Libya and Syria. Two terrorist attacks in 2015 — in the port city of Sousse and at the National Bardo Museum — further rattled Tunisia.

Terrorist activities have since decreased, as Tunisia has teamed up with the US and other allies to train and equip counterterrorism task forces and improve border security.

Updated: November 4th 2021, 3:54 PM