Algeria reimposes restrictions to curb Covid numbers

All public gatherings have been banned until further notice in 35 provinces

Algeria will reimpose restrictions on gatherings from Monday to cope with a rapid spread of the more infectious Delta variant of the coronavirus, the prime minister's office said.

The measures, which will apply to 35 out of 58 provinces, include closing gyms, cultural centres, leisure venues, beaches and used car markets, as well as an 8pm-6am curfew, a statement from the office said on Sunday.

All gatherings, including wedding celebrations, will be banned, while cafes and restaurants will be allowed to provide only takeaway services.

The Delta variant caused 71 per cent of all infections in July, according to the state research centre Pasteur Institute.

The North African country has so far reported 162,155 infections and 4,063 deaths.

North Africa is grappling with the spread of the more infectious Delta variant of Covid-19.

The healthcare system in Tunisia is facing collapse after being overwhelmed by a surge in Covid-19 cases. The nation of 12 million people had been struggling to obtain the necessary vaccine doses even before the pandemic hit the country hard.

European, Arab and Gulf nations have organised equipment and vaccine donations that are now helping to battle the pandemic.

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Updated: July 26th 2021, 11:16 AM