The Elixir Clinic introduces cryotherapy treatments

With temperatures soaring outside, the coolest place to be is inside a cryotherapy chamber and there are now more facilities across the UAE.

Facials are among the new cryotherapy treatments on offer at The Elixir Clinic. Courtesy The Elixir Clinic
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With the temperatures soaring outside, cryotherapy is the coolest thing in the UAE. The Elixir Clinic, which opened recently in Abu Dhabi and Dubai offering intravenous vitamin drips, has added cryotherapy treatments to its list of services.

Cryotherapy involves using extremely cold temperatures – around -140C – to boost recovery, stimulate weight loss, rejuvenate skin and contribute towards overall health and well-being. Full-body sessions are conducted in an upright chamber, while localised treatments using liquid nitrogen target specific areas, such as the face.

Among the treatments now available at The Elixir Clinic is the Cryo Beauty Angel facial, for Dh575, which also incorporates infrared light to reduce fine lines. The cryogenically cooled air helps to boost collagen production, which helps the skin regain elasticity making it appear more youthful.

Other salons in the UAE that offer cryotherapy, include Cryo Health, which has several branches in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai and Sharjah (, and Icequeen Spa in Dubai (

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