Meditation pipe Lovetuner launches in the UAE

The flute-like tool promises to reduce stress and anxiety

You can breathe in and out using the Lovetuner, which is calibrated at 528-hertz (aka the love frequency). Photo by Hafsa Lodi 

Inhale, exhale. These are words often heard at yoga or meditation classes and retreats, whispered calmly by an instructor in a serene ambience, as practitioners focus on their breath and aim to clear their minds of clutter, tension and stress. The Lovetuner, a miniature pipe worn as a pendant, which was designed to provide the same de-stressing function, has now landed in the UAE.

Invented in California in 2014 by luxury accessories designer Sigmar Berg and Tom Rohner, a self-described "spiritual lightworker", the device comes in several shades and is strung on a ball chain, beads or leather cord. The instrument's pitch is calibrated to 528 Hz (known as the "love frequency"), claimed by its creators to reduce anxiety, promote relaxation and "align the water molecules in your body". Users are advised to inhale deeply and exhale smoothly into the Lovetuner to deliver a long, steady note at a low volume, and to practise tuning cycles of at least five deep and gentle breaths.

Maria Haggo, founder and chief executive of coaching company Little Miss Wellness, became the exclusive distributor of Lovetuner in the Middle East this year, after Berg and Rohner hired her to help spread their message in this part of the world.

Haggo cites a study at the medical school of Jutendo University, in Tokyo, that suggests the 528-hertz frequency has a significant effect on the nervous and endocrine systems. "It indicated that both cortisol decreased and oxytocin increased in participants who listened to the frequency for even a short period of time," she says.

Haggo, who is pursuing a master's degree in psychology and the neuroscience of mental health, is a firm believer in the power of the tool. "I was immediately intrigued by the concept. I am a big believer in meditation and the benefits it provides, and I love sound healing and music in general."  

She says she owns the Lovetuner in several colours to match different outfits, and wears one every day. "It's the first thing I put on in the morning and the last thing I take off at night. I start my day with five to 10 breaths of Lovetuning. Then I use it before going into my meditation practice for 10 to 20 breaths. I also use it for a few breaths during the day, whenever I feel stressed or unfocused. Then at night, before going to sleep, I use it for five to 10 breaths. It has become an anchor for me, and I take it with me everywhere. My husband wears it, too."

With a conventional musical instrument, tuning is performed to adjust the pitch of its tone. In the same way, the Lovetuner's makers claim it enhances the user's energy, uplifting the spirit and removing negative vibes. Jason Momoa has been spotted wearing one, and the Lovetuner has even been endorsed by doctor, author and self-help guru Deepak Chopra, while its instructions pamphlet features the words: "Caution: may cause miracles." 

Haggo explains that the Lovetuner is an effective product to help promote mindfulness – and while this has become something of a buzzword in recent times, many people are unaware of what it means. "Mindfulness is all about being in the present moment without judgment or without the need to change anything. When we heighten our awareness, we automatically become more mindful. This can be done by focusing on our breath, on our surroundings, on how our body feels in a specific moment of time – this awareness of the moment is what we call mindfulness," she says.