All in a day’s work: the gadgets that will keep you fit at your desk

Is your nine-to-five desk job the reason behind that ‘Abu Dhabi stone’? Afshan Ahmed picks seven products that will turn your desk into a mini-gym, allowing you to stay productive even while you burn calories and strengthen those dormant muscles.

Office Gym

Cost From Dh475


This nifty contraption has resistance straps that fit snugly on to the backrest of an office chair. The two elongated arms stretch out and can be used for bicep curls, rowing, shoulder presses and abdominal crunches. The resistance exercises also help relieve upper-back tension and stiffness from prolonged sitting.

Desk Cycle

Cost: Dh799


Ensure constant circulation and work the hips and leg muscles with this device that can be hidden under your desk. It can be adjusted to fit under low worktops, has a low pedal hight, eight calibrated resistance settings and can be synced to an online calorie calculator. It’s touch free magnetic resistance system reduces noise as you pedal away. Distributors have recently started selling in UAE, as well. ​

Stability ball

Cost From Dh150


Replace your office chair with a stability ball, which will do wonders for your core strength. According to one study done at the State University of New York at Buffalo, people who sat on stability balls at work burned 4.1 times more calories every hour than those who sat on an office chair. Add that up, and you’ll have lost more than 640 calories every month.


Cost Dh80


Intense activity requires ­conscious recovery. If you are putting in the hours and effort at the gym, but your desk job is taking a toll on your back, this lacrosse-size Accuball will help ease the tension from your tired muscles. Store it in your desk drawer and use it whenever your back needs some TLC – use requires your body weight to roll and dig into pressure points. The removable knob can be used in-hand for added ­pressure at trigger points.

Ankle weights

Cost From Dh75


Get a good leg workout right under your desk by strapping on these ankle weights. They provide resistance during leg raises and help strengthen muscles while burning calories. Notch up your challenge level by increasing the weight (available in different sizes).

The UpTrak Sit/Stand Desk

Cost From Dh620


Who needs a wobbly old chair when you can have a standing desk? Burn more calories and use those muscles with this adjustable number, which can be clipped on to an existing worktop.

Hidrate Spark

Cost Dh220


Stay hydrated is the mantra of every fitness enthusiast, but how often do we actually hit our daily water goals? Lest you forget to take a sip, this bottle syncs to your smartphone via an app and glows to remind you to take a sip. Available in various colours.

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