Glamping goals: the 10 most popular yurts on Airbnb – in pictures

Whether it's a mountaintop in Virginia or a countryside glamping experience in France, yurts are in demand

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Has a summer of restricted travel got you dreaming about where to go when it's feasible to explore the world again? If you're anything like the majority of Airbnb users, holidays in natural surroundings will be at the top of your wishlist.

The accommodation-sharing platform has noted a number of emerging travel trends in 2020. Nature, rural cabins and yurts are some of the most popular search terms on the site and there's a growing appetite for secluded staycations.

What is a yurt?

Enter the yurt – a round structure that merges aspects of the tent, teepee, hut and house. Traditionally used as a portable dwelling by nomadic cultures in central Asia, the yurt has become a growing accommodation trend around the world, particularly in the glamping industry.

And with travellers craving the outdoors after being stuck inside for months, as well as an increased desire for isolation in the age of social distancing, Airbnb searches for yurt stays are on the up.

The above gallery features the yurts that were added to the most wishlists in June.

The top 10 yurts span the world, with a heavy concentration in the US, as well as some in Spain, the Czech Republic and France.

Topping the list is a yurt in a mountaintop retreat in the US. Surrounded by forest, at the top of Lookout Mountain in Georgia, the two-person accommodation guarantees amazing views over the Chattanooga Valley and is the perfect spot for stargazing.

Airbnb's 10 most desired yurts 

A yurt is a round, portable structure that combines aspects of the tent, hut and house for the perfect holiday stay. Courtesy Airbnb / Mongolian Nights yurt

The full list gives an insight into what travellers are craving: from a Mongolian-style yurt in Spain’s Andalusia to a bohemian Skyfarm in Los Angeles.

If you’re dreaming of a holiday where you can sleep under the stars or go glamping off-grid, scroll through the gallery above to discover the most "wishlisted" yurts, or find them here …

1. A mountaintop two-person yurt in Georgia, US

2. A singles-friendly glamping escape in California, US

3. The Paisley Paradise Yurt in Washington, US

4. A serene tented stay in the French highlands

5. The 36th Street Urban Yurt in Idaho, US

6. This Skyfarm yurt in California, US

7. A meadow-surrounded stay in the Czech Republic

8. This wooden retreat in upstate New York

9. An eco-friendly Mongolian-style yurt in Spain's Andalusia countryside

10. Yurt Mountain Retreat in Virginia, US

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