Buying a car

If you intend to stay in the UAE for a number of years, then buying your own car could be cheaper than renting. With petrol prices in the country so low, many expatriates see it as an ideal chance to own a gas-guzzler that would be too expensive to run in their homeland.
Of course, the car you buy depends on your salary but you don't want to overstrech yourself. For example, if you are looking at off-roaders, generally more uneconomical than two-wheel drives, think seriously about how many times you are likely to find yourself off the beaten track.
Like anywhere else, you can buy new from major dealerships, second-hand car dealers or private sellers.
If you are paying cash for a car you will still need a letter of no objection from your employer, and a copy of your passport and driving licence.
Unless you are transferring licences, the car needs to be registered in the emirate where it is purchased. If you are buying from a dealership they should be able to sort this out for you.
If you live in a different emirate to the place of purchase, you will have to export the vehicle to your home emirate.
Depending on your salary, major dealerships should be able to offer finance deals over a period of years, payments depend on the value of the car and the length of the repayment.
Before buying a used car it is worth bearing in mind that, under a federal law, cars that are at least 15 years old can no longer be registered.
To cope with the intense heat of the summer, many cars in the Emirates have tinted windows. By law these should only be tinted to a maximum of 30 per cent.

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