The FaceApp craze continues as celebrities jump on the ageing filter bandwagon

From Cardi B to the UAE's own Kris Fade, see who has shared a sneak peek at their future selves

Cardi B and The Jonas Brothers have all fast-forwarded the years with the ageing FaceApp filter. Instagram / Twitter 
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We have seen what we all look like as babies and as the opposite gender, thanks to recent Snapchat filters that have gone viral. Now it's time to see what we look if we fast-forward a few decades, with digital ageing tool FaceApp and the FaceApp challenge sweeping the internet.

The impressively realistic editing app will also show you what you look like younger, with a beard or with a change of hair colour, but we have been there and done that. This craze is all about getting older.

Naturally, plenty of celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon, to see what they could look like a few decades down the line...

Gordon Ramsay

The celebrity chef seems to be planning on a healthy, long career, hinting that MasterChef could run until season 50:

Busy Philipps

Dawson's-Creek-actress-turned-Instagram-star Busy Philipps posted an aged holiday snap with the caption: "I mean ... probs."

Paul Rudd

The eternally young Paul Rudd hasn't shared his own version, but journalist Yashar Ali shared an image of the unageing star using the filter:

Kris Fade

The UAE's own Kris Fade even got a slice of the ageing action, hoping that this would be him "60 years from now", which would place him at a ripe 99 years old:

The Jonas Brothers

The band of brothers gave us a preview of their future selves, and a reference to British pop rock band Busted in their caption. The brothers covered Busted's song Year 3000 back in 2006:

Scooter Braun

Justin Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun, has als tried it himself. Braun has recently been locked in a feud with Taylor Swift, which he seemingly referenced in the caption, writing, "Last couple of weeks have really taken a toll on me":

Cardi B

The rapper joked she was "throwing up" as she posted this photo of her 80-year-old self.

An older Cardi B will have all the swag she has now, it seems. Instagram / Cardi B 

Dawn O'Porter

British journalist and author Dawn O'Porter posted a picture of herself, but seemed unhappy with the result, as she captioned it, "Literally never been less delighted with getting on a band wagon":


The rapper Drake has ensured he is looking dapper well into old age. He also turned the post into a 'caption this' competition, offering concert tickets to the writer of the best caption:

Sam Smith

The British singer looks a little bedraggled in this snap, but brought the glamour with a sparkling earring:

James Marsden

The Dead to Me star posted for the first time in around a month, and joked that he had been away for a while:


The rapper-turned-actor poked fun at the enduring Fast and Furious franchise, joking that he and Tyrese were on the set of Fast and Furious 50, adding "and we still haven't stopped at a gas station":

Dwyane Wade

The American footballer husband of Gabrielle Union joked that he was "Grandpa Wade" in this dapper transformation snap:

Vinny Guadagnino

The former Jersey Shore squad got in on the cation, posting this snap with co-star Pauly D, who joked they were providing "hairline goals" into old age:

Rumer Willis

Rumer Willis aged a throwback with her father, Bruce Willis, to hilarious effect.

"I’m so confused because you look like an adorable cute kid ... but if you zoom in you look like an 89-year-old woman screaming about cookies not being like they used to be," Willis's friend, Ruby Rose, joked in the comments.

Quincy Jones

It wasn't all about ageing forward, however, and Quincy Jones is having none of it. The producer posted a throwback with a more recent snap instead of a digital enhancement. "Found this really cool program, similar to FaceApp, called life," he wrote. "Not available in the App Store."


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