Neon lighting up clothes and accessories

Frocks, necklaces, shoes ... all these and more have been subjected to the increasingly popular neon-glow treatment.

Women love to be told that they look positively glowing, and now they really do have a way of lighting up the room whenever they choose.

Evoking all the glamour of Studio 54, the fashion house Halston has created an asymmetrical cocktail dress that appears pearly white by day and a vibrant lime green by night. The neon trend from spring shows no sign of abating and this glow-in-the-dark sequinned dress can be found on for around Dh15,400.

Halston joins the long line of designers who have harnessed the glow-trend: not least Jimmy Choo, who last year launched patent and suede strappy sandals capable of illuminating the wearer's every step with five inch "light-up" heels.

For those who love to exercise, especially after sunset, Stella McCartney's glow-in-the-dark workout shorts, jackets and running shoes for Adidas, with their bold leopard print design, are a must-have.

Also getting in on the act and making "club wear" classy is the New York-based designer Kyoko Nakamura, with her range of accessories, including silk-lined glow-stick chokers called the Millipede.

The necklaces, which can also be worn as garters or headbands, retail from around Dh770 upwards and are available at

Glow-in-the-dark clothing is where fashion truly meets function: after all, what could be more appropriate to wear during a power blackout or when trying to hail a cab after dark?

Published: August 30, 2011 04:00 AM