In a moment of light relief, pets around the world react to people working from home

Some critters are seeing the benefits of self-isolation, others appear very confused by the interruption of their daily routine

Amid the global spread of Covid-19, more and more workers have found themselves working from home in a bid to curb transmission of the virus.

This has already spawned a social media trend showing how cats and dogs are perplexed as to why they're no longer left to their own devices between 9 to 5. Many people with pets have shared how their furry friends are coping with their new lack of freedom.

While some appear to be enjoying the extra cuddle time, others seem a little confused about how to navigate the change in circumstance.

Scroll down for some of the best social media posts so far.

This dog hasn't quite grasped the concept of social distancing:

One cat is reluctant to give up its favourite chair:

Those puppy dog eyes aren't good for productivity:

Many pets haven't yet learnt to keep off the equipment:

This pup is making typing quite tricky:

Some cats are enjoying being closer than ever:

This dog isn't enjoying the disruption to its daily routine:

This kitty enjoys some bonding time:

Stealing vacated seats seems to be a favourite pastime for many pets:

Others have become a little needier:

This would be difficult to ignore:

This pup got punished for craving attention:

This person has clearly been enjoying a little downtime:

The caption on this one is outstanding:

This dog won't let this woman catch a break:

Working while under observation could be a little unsettling:

This good doggy is no distraction:

This person clearly isn't going to be getting a lot of work done during self-isolation:


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