A glimpse at Beko's homes of tomorrow

Kursat Coskun of electronics brand Beko offers a peek into the smart homes of the future

An example of what we can expect our homes to look like in the future. Beko
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The world is connected like never before and, over the past decade, technology has transformed our everyday lives in countless ways.

The UAE has been ranked number one in digital adoption among Middle Eastern countries and a global pioneer of the Internet of Things (IoT), according to recent research by Euromonitor International and Digital McKinsey.

Consequently, consumers are becoming increasingly demanding when it comes to at-home technology due to its ability to ease experiences and improve lives.

Driven by a desire for comfort, security and energy efficiency, demand for smart homes is on the rise. In fact, 78 per cent of global consumers agree smart homes are an appealing concept, as more products and services allow us to connect our home functions with internet devices.

The Consumer Electronics Show, which took place in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago, featured the launch of many smart home products, such as the Kohler Konnect smart bathroom range, which includes a voice-controlled shower that can remember a number of presets with regard to temperature, music, lights and more, so you can get the perfect shower just by asking for it; a bath that fills itself; a tap that can pour set amounts of water; and a toilet that includes foot warmers and a heated seat.

The adoption of smart home assistants such as Alexa, Amazon Echo and the newly-unveiled Google Assistant has already prompted the evolution towards connected homes that can learn and anticipate household needs. At Beko, we already have technology that can make recommendations for optimum programmes and functions based on individual needs, and that enable your appliances to interface with Amazon to reorder supplies.

But this is still the early of stages when it comes to possibilities for the connected home of the future. Your future fridge will be helpful and friendly; it will understand your needs and what else is going on in the house. When you throw away an empty toothpaste tube, for example, your bathroom bin will tell the fridge so it can update your shopping list and re-order it. It will also keep track of its own contents and let you know when the milk is about to reach its best-by date, or suggest recipes based on what's in stock. Once everything in your house is connected, you'll enjoy benefits you may never have expected. For example, the waste water from your washing machine could be filtered and recycled straight to your indoor garden, helping you make the planet and your living room greener.

Ultimately, the ideal smart appliance is the one you hardly notice and that integrates
seamlessly into your life in the way key digital disruptors such as Netflix and Careem have done. We hope this future arrives sooner than you think.

Kursat Coskun is the head of region for the GCC, Middle East, Africa, Near East and Turkish Republic for domestic appliance and consumer electronics brand, Beko


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