7 things we spotted in celebrity homes during the One World Together at Home performances

The videos gave fans an insight into their favourite stars' homes

Golden weights by Versace can be seen behind Lady Gaga as she performs 'Smile'. YouTube
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If there is anything that remote working and Zoom meetings have taught us, it's that we're nosy.

Sure, when you're on a video conference call you're listening to what your colleagues have to say, but a portion of your brain power is focusing on the food one workmate has stacked on the kitchen counters behind him, or the performatively lit candles and artwork serving as a backdrop of another. Don't even get me started on the bookshelf backdrops: we know it's not an accident that we can see Ulysses behind you.

It seems to be the same for celebrities. Last night, a collection of the biggest stars on the planet got together for the One World Together at Home concert. The music took most of my attention, but it was hard not to have a good look at the art, decor and interior accessories that Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift all had on show...

1. Lady Gaga has Versace weights

Gaga performed Smile from her home studio, which is a light, bright and homely room with plenty of colour. Despite being fairly minimalist, there are a few injections of personality around the room, from vases and a colourful geometric floor, to a stack of books and a musical-note-emblazoned briefcase.

One thing that caught my eye, in particular, was the pair of golden dumbbells by Versace, which retail at $600 (Dh2,200).

The Versace weights are available to buy from Neiman Marcus for $600. neimanmarcus

2. Elton John performed from a basketball court

For his performance of I'm Still Standing, we join Elton John outside in his garden, with a lush green hedge for a background. However, somewhat unexpectedly, as the camera pans around, it seems he's performing on a basketball court, or at least the portion of the garden assigned to the sport, as balls and a hoop can be seen. With two young sons – Zachary, 9, and Elijah, 7 – and plenty of space, it's no surprise there are games being played in the family garden.

Elton John performed al fresco, seemingly on a basketball court. YouTube 

3. Paul McCartney’s The Beatles memorabilia

If there is anyone on Earth who is going to have an enviable collection of The Beatles memorabilia, it's Paul McCartney (well, and Ringo Starr). In the background for the singer's rendition of Lady Madonna is either a Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band record sleeve or a poster. Rather than the classic colourful image of the familiar crowd we're all used to, this one depicts the drum skin from the original cover.

Unsurpisingly, perhaps, Paul McCartney has Beatles memorabillia on his walls. YouTube 

4. Kacey Musgrave’s arts and crafts

To perform Rainbow, country singer Kacey Musgrave is sat in a bay window, with a backdrop of trees. Also in the background is a pot of paint brushes, so perhaps she's been keeping busy in self-isolation by painting, like many around the world.

Has Kacey Musgrave been getting arty in isolation? Paint brushes can be seen behind her. YouTube 

5. Both Sam Smith and John Legend have their awards on show

Between them, Sam Smith and John Legend have 15 Grammys and two Oscars, and for their distanced duet of Stand By Me the trophies were on show. Legend's were right behind him, and Smith's reflected in the mirror from across the room.

Both John Legend and Sam Smith have their awards on show. YouTube

6. The Rolling Stones band members' homes perfectly reflect their personalities

Each of the Stones took us into their homes for the performance of You Can't Always Get What You Want, and getting a glimpse of Mick Jagger's curtains, Keith Richard's black-and-white photos and Ronnie Wood's artfully busy balcony room was a treat. The real joy, however, is drummer Charlie Watt's library of records, which served as a backdrop for his performances.

A look inside each of the Rolling Stones' homes. YouTube 

7. Taylor Swift’s wallpaper is a conversation starter

Most of the Twitter chat following the concert was focused on the music, naturally, but there was one decor detail that really got people talking: Taylor Swift's wallpaper. The camera remained focused on the pink and green painted lotus flowers – symbols of purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth, all of which Swift says she has gone through with her new work, Lover. The wallpaper has been dubbed "very Taylor Swift" by fans on Twitter, with may others asking where they can get it from themselves.

Taylor Swift perfromed in front of lotus flower-print wallpaper. YouTube