The 10 best healthy meal-delivery plans in the UAE

For those looking to lose weight or simply shake up their eating habits, these services can help

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Eating healthier is a common new year's resolution and one that feels evermore apt as we try to move on from a global health crisis.

A clean diet usually takes time, effort and energy to create and commit to. Luckily for UAE residents, there's no dearth of meal-plans options available for delivery across the country, with most complemented by a consultation with a nutritionist.

Here are some of the companies offering such services.


The brand offers three meal-plan options: low-calorie, balanced and gain, with prices from Dh700. The aim is to create a simple alternative to cooking or ordering in. Customers can choose from a new menu each week and, depending on the chosen package, receive up to three meals a day.

The menu features international cuisine, from an Asian-style salad with ginger and soy dressing to mushroom risotto. However, this also means Delicut's kitchen is not allergen-free and handles ingredients such as shellfish, gluten and dairy.

Price and delivery: The customisable packages start at Dh700. Meals are delivered twice a week on a fixed schedule. Delicut operates throughout the UAE;


A tomato and basil beef dish with cauliflower rice. Photo: Fitbar

Fitbar is known for its wide variety of menus. There are plans for those who want to lose or maintain weight, as well as for those planning to gain muscle mass. The brand also offers a keto or low-carb option, plus a vegan meal plan.

Fitbar's packages are among the most flexible, giving customers options to subscribe to a 10-day plan or a 12-day plan, instead of the usual monthly package. Some also offer a post-workout snack for people to factor in based on their exercise regimes.

Price and delivery: Packages start at Dh740, but can cost up to Dh3,000 depending on the number of meals and length of the plan. Fitbar delivers daily across the UAE;


Plenty of options are available at iDiet, from typical weight-management plans to bespoke ones such as a meal plan for pregnant women. Customers need to answer a nine-point questionnaire to decide what plan suits them.

Other options include a meat, dairy and wheat-free package, a plant-based package, a plan for pescatarians and an intermittent fasting-friendly package.

Price and delivery: Packages start at Dh700, with a full-board option reaching up to Dh5,300 for breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks at 1,200-1,400 calories for 40 days. iDiet delivers across the UAE;

Lifter Life

Dishes in the weight-loss meal plan from Lifter Life. Photo: Lifter Life

With its logo of a lion lifting a barbel, as well as the name of the brand itself, Lifter Life offers meal plans for the calorie-focused customer. The Jumeirah Lakes Towers restaurant takes pride in its goal-orientated approach to meal planning, even offering customers a chance to fully modify their plans if they don't find a ready-made option that fits their goals.

Customers can choose from packages including a vegan meal plan with allocated calories of 800 to 1,100 per day, or a muscle growth plan with 1,900 to 2,200 calories per day.

Trial options aside, each plan must last for a minimum of 20 days.

Price and delivery: A basic weight loss meal plan starts at Dh2,860 for breakfast, lunch, dinner, salad and two snacks for 20 days. Lifter Life delivers across Dubai;


Customers can choose from a range of packages, from weight-management plans to those specifically designed for athletes. The meals are cooked every day, which is why the booking method is on a daily basis, instead of a fixed monthly schedule.

Zerofat offers meal plans for vegetarians, those looking to lose weight and those simply looking to build healthy eating habits rather than going on a restrictive diet. The menu designed for athletes is meant to complement their exercise routines as well as any competition-based training regimes.

Price and delivery: Starts at Dh87 per day for three meals with 1,000 to 1,250 calories. Zerofat delivers across the UAE;

Kcal Extra

A meal plans list wouldn't be complete without mentioning Kcal, one of the longest-running services of its kind in the UAE.

Kcal Extra allows customers to pick between a range of plans — from gluten-free to diabetic. Once that’s done, they can book an optional assessment with a Kcal nutritionist who takes measurements and sets goals.

Kcal has one of the biggest operations in the region, with more than 800 dishes available across a variety of cuisines. The packages are also customisable, with dedicated accounts managers assisting customers who have special requests.

Price and delivery: Prices are available upon request, but customers can expect to pay about Dh3,000 for the lowest-calorie plan with three meals and two snacks. Kcal delivers across the UAE;

Colour My Plate

The Dubai brand aims to provide high-quality meals using premium ingredients — and the team even have an open-kitchen policy allowing customers to visit the Al Quoz site to meet the people handling their food.

Packages are focused on dietary preference, instead of weight-management goals, but calories are still counted. The standard balanced meal plan is a bestseller, while customers can also sign up for more specific packages such as a paleo plan and an anti-inflammatory plan. A nutritionist is accessible all days of the week.

Price and delivery: A standard monthly plan costs Dh3,420 for three meals and two snacks for five days a week. Colour My Plate delivers across Dubai;

Eat Clean

Eat Clean offers a meal plan for new mothers. Photo: Eat Clean

A range of options are also available at Eat Clean, from several lifestyler packages to meal plans designed for new mothers focusing on their physical recovery. Other packages include gluten-free, vegan, pescatarian, diabetic and athletic.

The menus rotate on a weekly basis and customers are able to preselect their meals. The plans generally come with three meals and two snacks per day, but customers can request fewer meals.

On the menu are choco chip banana pancakes, sweet butternut soup and chia-crusted salmon among other dishes.

Price and delivery: Prices vary, but a standard low-calorie plan costs Dh3,090 for breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks for a month for five days a week. Eat Clean delivers across Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah;

Right Bite

Similar to Kcal, Right Brand has cemented its name as one of the most popular meal delivery services in the UAE. It offers a variety of packages, from weight loss to low-carb, with necessary modifications made on preferences and intolerances.

Customers can modify their packages, with options between a full day's worth of meals, to only morning, evening or single meals. Most packages come with a consultation with a dietitian.

Price and delivery: Prices depend on the number of meals and the length of the service. A weight-loss package with the lowest calories costs Dh2,610 for a full day's worth of meals for 20 days. Right Bite delivers across the UAE;


Basiligo offers several meal plans based on dietary needs, with no added sugars or preservatives. The packages cover a range of preferences and needs, from keto and vegan diets, to weight loss and other fitness goals.

Customers are able to choose their meals one week ahead of delivery, with plenty of dishes in each package.

Price and delivery: A basic weight loss plan, with breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks, costs Dh3,600 for 20 days. Basiligo delivers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai;

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Updated: January 04, 2023, 7:27 AM