International Ice Cream Day: 13 places to find unique flavours in the UAE

From camel milk desserts to cool treats topped with 23-carat gold flakes, there's something for everyone

"When I'm no longer rapping, I want to open up an ice cream parlour and call myself Scoop Dogg," Snoop Dogg once famously said.

While we may not have the luxury of changing our monikers like the rapper – he's gone through several reincarnations, from Snoop Doggy Dogg to Snoop Lion – we can have our pick of the best and most unique ice cream flavours in the UAE. Thanks to the country's diverse population, there's something for everyone this International Ice Cream Day.

Here are 13 places to get your ice cream fix, from camel milk flavours to some topped with 23-carat gold flakes:

1. Scoopi Cafe

This dessert parlour in Dubai's Jumeirah 3 is known for its luxe creations. Waffle lollies, black truffle ice cream and edible charcoal aside, it also serves the UAE's most expensive ice cream: the black diamond. The Dh3,000 sundae comprises 23-karat edible gold, saffron, rare black truffle and vanilla bean ice cream.

If that's not lavish enough for you, there's also edible gold coffee (Dh50), charcoal ice cream with edible gold (Dh99), and an edible gold ice cream burger (Dh199).

Scoopi Cafe, Jumeirah St, Dubai; 052 668 1273

2. Nouq

Nutrient-rich and low on calories, this Emirati-owned brand offers a vast range of ice cream flavours, all formulated with camel milk. Available to order online in pints, flavours include everything from Emirati dates to Arabic mastic and baklava, as well as caramel and chocolate chip.

Nouq says all of its products are also suitable for those who are lactose intolerant. Prices start at Dh9.99 for a 125ml pint.


3. swirl by two

Already a hit with Instagrammers (aka everyone), this cool dessert pop-up at Alserkal Avenue is inspired by summer and strawberries. Relax to the tunes of a live DJ while indulging in treats such as an ice cream drizzled in espresso or an ice cream cone topped with biscuit-infused custard with popping candy. Prices vary.

swirl by two, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai;

4. The Brooklyn Creamery

Known for its low-cal and low-fat offerings, this dessert spot also has a vegan ice cream range. Coming in two flavours – lotta chocolate and salted peanut butterthe 650-gram treats can serve up to six people. They are made using almond and coconut milk instead of cow’s milk and are suitable for people with intolerances, health concerns and vegans.

There's also a whole range of lactose-free and dairy-free flavours, from classic chocolate and vanilla to berry and fruit flavours.

The ice cream cakes start at Dh109 and are available to order via Deliveroo in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The Brooklyn Creamery's online store also serves Dubai and Sharjah.

The Brooklyn Creamery;

5. Canvas Gelato

Another made-in-UAE brand, Canvas Gelato is known for its artisanal ice cream and unique flavours, such as the hibiscus ice cream. Rich in flavour and Vitamin C, the hibiscus tea in the form of a dairy-free sorbet could be the guilt-free summer treat we've been looking for.

While available at a number of cafes and restaurants, you can also order yours directly online via the Whatsapp number below.

Canvas Gelato; 052 999 3565;

6. Ice Cream Lab

As part of Abu Dhabi Culinary, Yas Mall pop-up Ice Cream Lab is displaying international flavours on rotation throughout the summer. Until Thursday, the UAE brand Corner Cone Gelato is available, as well as the UK’s Pan-n-Ice, which is bringing their original Thailand-inspired ice rolls. In collaboration with Pan-n-Ice, Ice Cream Lab recently broke the Guinness World Records title for “most varieties of ice cream on display” (1,001 unique flavours).

Ice Cream Lab;

7. La Bottega Del Gelato

Pick up mini cones, heart-shaped lollies, gelatinos, scoops of gelato, ministicks and many more varieties of ice cream treats at La Bottega Del Gelato in Bawabat Al Sharq Mall. This place is specifically known for serving healthy seasonal fruit ice creams inside the fruit itself.

La Bottega Del Gelato; 02 586 8181;

8. Amorino

For authentic Italian gelato, hit Amorino, which has branches in various locations across Dubai and in Abu Dhabi Mall and Yas Mall. It’s famous for serving up rose-shaped gelato cones.

Founded by childhood friends Cristiano Sereni and Paolo Benassi in 2002, Amorino has carved out a reputation for using organic, natural ingredients with no artificial colours or flavourings. It first opened in the UAE in 2016.

Amorino; 056 997 5357;

9. Boutique Ice Cream

You don’t even need to leave your home to enjoy what Boutique Ice Cream, which has various branches across Abu Dhabi, has to offer, as it also delivers via Talabat and Deliveroo.

From acai bowls to ice cream rolls, there are all sorts of frozen delights to sample, and plenty of flavours to try, including Lotus, saffron, pomegranate to coconut – to name just a few.

You can wash it all down with a side of waffles or crepes, too.

Boutique Ice Cream; 058 181 5882;

10. Pickl

Since it first opened in 2019, Pickl has steadily racked up a legion of fans thanks to its juicy burgers, shakes and famous chicken sandos. Their cheeky ice cream burger consists of a scoop of ice cream placed between two deep-fried, cinnamon sugar-coated burger buns, giving you a perfectly sweet twist to burgers that will satisfy your sweet tooth after a hearty meal.

The brand is also launching An/Other, a 12-month concept store set to open soon in City Walk, Dubai.


11. iScream

Known for their creative take on traditional ice cream cones, there's also plenty of options for those looking for unique flavours – think curry, halawa, ube, Emirati coffee, saffron, umm ali and even a flaming wasabi.

With branches in both Dubai and Sharjah, iScream offers desserts that are as unique as they come. Try the Mrs Sugar’s Burrito, which comes wrapped in a candy floss stuffed with ice cream and covered with a topping of your choice. Or, the iScream cloud, which is your choice of ice cream flavour encased in a huge ball of cotton candy.

iScream; La Mer, Dubai and Oasis Mall, Sharjah;

12. Booza

Serving traditional Lebanese ice cream, this one's all about Levantine frosties. Think fresh Arabic spices with flavours such as cardamom, baklava and rose, all served in a unique trapezoidal "cone", which can hold up to six flavours.


13. M'oishi

For mochi ice cream fans, UAE brand M'oishi has all the flavours and colours of the Japanese dessert you can dream of, including some unique to the Middle East. With special ingredients directly sourced from Japan, they also have a range of mochi cakes as well as vegan ice creams. There are now more than 15 M'oishi branches spread across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. You can also order directly from their website.


Updated: July 18th 2021, 11:27 AM
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