Sole Love: Vans brings out footwear tribute to David Bowie

The limited-edition collection is now online

As unbelievable as it sounds, David Bowie died more than three years ago. Just think about that a moment: three years.

If, like me, you are still trying to process that the great man isn’t here anymore, then here is a little bit of good news for you. Vans – the sneaker people – have just brought out a tribute collection entitled Vans x David Bowie.

Described as a commemoration of "the life and legacy" of Bowie, this is the first offering of a collection that will eventually span the whole of Bowie's extraordinary career. Thankfully, it isn’t merely a bunch of T-shirts with cheesy photos (although, admittedly, there are a couple) but rather a pretty slick series of Vans that have been redesigned to fold in some of the best-known aspects of the singer's early years.

Take Van's classic Era shoe, for example. Now a nod to Bowie's first single Space Oddity (1969), it is covered in polka dots that echo the greens and blues of the album cover, while the name of the song is written on the inner edge of the shoe sole. A real oddity indeed.

The Vans 47 V, meanwhile, a slip-on with pull tab fastening, now has a toe covered in the same furry check Bowie wore on the Hunky Dory cover artwork (1971), while the golden tone of the back of the shoe matches his hair in the same image.

The album name is etched into the outer edge of the heel – using the identical typeface – just as the singer's name is across the pull tab.

If you are a fan of Ziggy Stardust (1972), however, then keep an eye out for the Sk8 – Hi Platform. In shocking red patent leather, this high top has Bowie's name discreetly embossed around the heel, (and quite possibly the only thing that has ever been subtle about the Spiders From Mars).

Aladdin Sane (1973) arrives courtesy of the Vans Old Skool, now sporting the famous lightening bolt, as well as the classic Vans stripe. A nice touch is having Bowie's name scribed across the back of the heel in the same colour and font as the album artwork.

It comes as a high top, too, in black and white check, with red lettering. For those who prefer their merch wearable in other ways, a T-shirt and baseball cap is also on offer.

Strictly limited edition, this collection is now available at select stores and online.

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