Global favourites: Other popular Claustrophobia quests around the world

See how other Claustrophobia quests from Barcelona, Moscow, Amsterdam, and Miami stack up.

The Dungeon Prisoners (Barcelona)

Players should not expect any mercy in this quest, which has a medieval-European theme. Confined in an underground dungeon, the goal is to escape before the executioner has your head on the chopping block.

I’m a Robot (Moscow)

A fire has broken out on a spaceship operated by Robot Lori. Your team has to put it out, but there are a few red herrings to keep the players guessing as they try to determine whether they should trust the robot or the humans.

Wake Up (Amsterdam)

Players are sucked into a dream world – a mixture of fantasies, riddles and illusions – that they have to make sense of.

Dr Demented (Miami)

Your team of superheroes must break into the secret lair of a genius professor and foil his evil plan to destroy the world.