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A self-confessed beauty junkie's first impressions of Huda Kattan's reality show Huda Boss

Just like any other reality show, this family-business drama may not strictly be 100 per cent accurate, but it's still entertaining

Huda Kattan's new reality show debuted on June 13. Huda Kattan
Huda Kattan's new reality show debuted on June 13. Huda Kattan

I am a self-confessed beauty junkie with a soft spot for reality television – making me the ideal target audience of beauty mogul Huda Kattan’s new reality TV show Huda Boss. I woke up bright and early to catch the first episode on Facebook Watch on June 13 – it launched at 5am local time.

In the trailer, Kattan, the brand’s founder and chief executive, promised a “super-raw, super-real, no-make-up” look at all the drama that goes on behind the scenes, as she runs her eponymous beauty brand with her family. Elder sister Alya is the chief Instagram officer; younger sister Mona is the brand’s global president; and husband Chris is the chief operating officer.

Click to watch the trailer:

In the first episode, we meet the family right in the middle of a business crisis – the brand is set to launch a concealer, and Kattan realises it’s not up to the mark. Kattan also talks about the challenges of being a working mother, and the show offers a peek into the family's palatial and beautiful Dubai homes. There are also glimpses of the desert and Sheikh Zayed Road. A lot of their famous friends are likely to make appearances as well, starting with the next episode when the girls head to Los Angeles, where they meet the controversial founders of beauty brand Too Faced, Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson.

The show seems to fit the mould of “scripted reality” – its contrived scenes are meant to look relatable, but they fall flat in places. For instance, the time Mona invites her father over for breakfast and realises she doesn’t know how to work the stove; and how in the middle of a seemingly serious business crisis, Kattan and Mona think back to the time they found it hard to fit in as kids in Tennessee, how the former had issues with her name and no money to buy make-up. It's also a little difficult to take them seriously as they try to copy the Kardashian's Valley Girl accents.

From left, Alya, Mona and Huda.
From left, Alya, Mona and Huda

Will I continue to watch it? Absolutely. Just like any other reality show, Huda Boss may not be “real”, but it's still entertaining. Admittedly, I am hoping to get a glimpse into how they develop products, and awkward and uncomfortable family moments. The relationship Kattan shares with Chris seems strained at the moment owing to the concealer debacle, and there was also a peep about her being pregnant.

Mustn’t forget to set my alarm for next week.


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