Saudi princess says young people want to design their own future

Collaboration is 'the single most important thing we can do to excel', says Princess Noura Al Faisal

Princess Nourah Al Faisal, founder of the Paris-based Nuun Jewels, says young Saudis today are hungry to achieve their goals. Courtesy Nuun
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Saudi Princess Nourah Al Faisal has said young people in the kingdom are eager to take control of their future in new and inventive ways.

“They want to create a new world and they want to do it yesterday; they do not want to wait,” Princess Nourah told The National at Tanween, an annual event that focuses on creativity and design through workshops and activities.

The jewellery designer and entrepreneur also emphasised the importance of teamwork for the country's future.

“The old ways of working in silos and competing with each other, this is a dead way of thinking. It causes failure and there is no time for that or to slow down. We must create a new world.”

Collaboration is this year's theme for Tanween, which is organised by the King Abdulaziz Centre for World Culture, better known as Ithra, which means “enrichment” in Arabic.

“Collaboration is the single most important thing we can do excel,” Princess Nourah said.

As the founding designer and owner of the Paris-based Nuun Jewels, she spoke at Tanween about her experiences and said a dynamic new landscape in Saudi Arabia had made it easier for women to lead their lives and run businesses.

Looking back on her career, she said becoming a designer “wasn't a first choice or an option”. It was a step she took when she was well into her thirties.

Younger women have better chances in today's Saudi Arabia, Princess Nourah said, giving the example of her niece.

“My 12-year-old niece asked me how she can become an interior designer. This is not how it was when I was growing up, and it fills me with hope,” she said.

“My goal is for people to walk out as individuals and to look at their work and home life, aspirations, dreams and understand what their goals are.”

Princess Nourah said young Saudis were also playing a big role in Vision 2030, a programme of economic and social changes intended to reduce the kingdom's reliance on it vast oil wealth.

“The country's youth are so hungry [to achieve],” she said. “It's amazing.”

Updated: November 04, 2022, 8:53 AM