Saudi Arabia supports Egypt and Sudan's water rights

Kingdom calls for negotiations between the two countries and Ethiopia over Nile dam

King Salman

Saudi King Salman on Tuesday said his country affirmed its support for Egypt and Sudan in maintaining their legitimate water rights.

King Salman made his comments to an online Cabinet meeting after Ethiopia began the second filling of its Nile dam reservoir.

He stressed the importance of water security for Egypt, Sudan, the Arab world and the African continent.

King Salman said Saudi Arabia supported the efforts of Cairo and Khartoum to contain this crisis and solve it in accordance with international law.

The kingdom called on the international community to support negotiations between the three countries in line with their interests, those of the Nile Basin countries and of the people living in the region, according to international laws.

During the meeting, Saudi Arabia also affirmed its support for a legitimate government in Yemen and urged all parties to accept political solutions to “prevent bloodshed” and restore the country's state, security and stability.

King Salman said the kingdom stood firm on making the Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction and would work “to ban them, prevent their spread and condemn their use”, the Saudi Press Agency said.

He said Saudi Arabia would negotiate and sign draft agreements with Oman ⁧‫⁩in different fields, including sports, culture, and commercial and youth activities.

Updated: July 6th 2021, 10:19 PM