Jebel Jais: exploring the route to the UAE's tallest peak - in pictures

A closer look at the mountain, its settlements and the modern road that takes visitors to the very top

All photos: Pawan Singh / The National

Jebel Jais is the UAE’s highest peak and soars 1,934 metres above sea level.

The mountain is part of the Hajar range that stretches from eastern Ras Al Khaimah down into Oman. The area is also rich in archaeological sites.

The mountain has its own climate and records temperatures that can be many degrees cooler than the rest of the UAE.

Frequent rainfall turns the mountain green, while snow has also fallen on its slopes.

Jebel Jais is home to a huge range of flora and fauna, such as mountain goats, foxes, camels and numerous bird species. Honey is also produced on the mountain.

For decades there was no formal road to the top, with people having to travel by foot or take a helicopter.

A 36-kilometre road opened in 2013 after eight years of construction.

The motorway has been developed further since and hairpins around the side of the mountain.

Jebel Jais has also been transformed into an adventure tourism destination in recent years and today boasts ziplines, adventure camps and cafes.

Updated: December 16th 2021, 10:30 AM