Houthi explosive-laden boat destroyed by Saudi-led coalition

Another drone attempt, originating from Sanaa airport, was thwarted

The Saudi-led coalition fighting the Houthis in Yemen has destroyed an explosive-laden boat used by the Iran-backed group in the south of the Red Sea on Wednesday, Saudi state TV have said.

The coalition added that “the terrorist Houthi militia launched the booby-trapped boat from Hodeidah governorate", referring to the militia's actions as a “threat to freedom of navigation and regional and international security”.

The coalition said last month it had detected an imminent danger to navigation and global trade south of the Red Sea, Saudi state media reported.

Meanwhile, the coalition had earlier destroyed a drone that took off from Sanaa International Airport.

In a statement on Wednesday, the coalition said the plane took off from the airport in the Yemeni capital and was intercepted in the airspace of Amran governorate.

The coalition had also carried out strikes on “legitimate” military sites on Tuesday used by experts from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in and around Sanaa International Airport and at other military sites in the city.

The raids are among several the coalition has carried out this month over the densely populated capital city of Sanaa.

The Houthis claim they have turned the former Armoured Division military base into a public park.

The intensified raids by the coalition against military targets in Sanaa has led the Houthis to increase their security measures across the capital.

They set up new checkpoints around the airport, one resident said.

Earlier this week, the coalition said it had seen Houthi hostile activities at the airport.

Updated: December 1st 2021, 5:59 PM