UAE’s high FDI ranking reflects its expansion drive

The Emirates is clearly ramping up at a time when investment flows elsewhere are slowing down

Photo Taken In United Arab Emirates, Dubai

Poland and Hungary were ranked among the top 10 global destinations for foreign direct investment in a new study from Site Selection magazine, with 163 and 80 new FDI projects respectively, and Hungary the Eastern European champion at $4.4 billion by value.

What really makes the emerging markets of Europe stand out is the high per capita FDI they are now attracting: $440 per person in Hungary, though Poland at $75 was actually the lowest per capita performer in Eastern Europe last year.

Western Europe also has some high FDI performers: booming Ireland secured $650 per capita and tiny Luxembourg a stunning $1,000. But more predictably, Brexit-hit Britain was a laggard at $140, and highly-priced Switzerland bottom at just $25.

That said the highest FDI per capita in the world was closer to home in the UAE, with $5,700 per capita amounting to a whopping $54bn. Regional runners up - Saudi Arabia at $5bn and Oman close to $3bn - were a very long way behind.

‘Business in Dubai is booming, with FDI up an astounding 43 per cent over 2017, earning them top spots in our ranking’, commented the report. ‘Dubai FDI also scored yet again as a top investment promotion agency in this issue’s annual rankings.’