The little girl under the water - or is she?

A screenshot of a photo of a girl in the water postes on Imgur.
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Fadwa Torbey

After the famous dress that split users of social networking sites about its colour - (was it white and gold - or blue and black?), a new image has surfaced on the internet: and the big question now is “Is the little girl above or under the water?”

This child has puzzled more than 2.904 million people, after the user Maskari uploaded the image just two days ago on the site Imgur.

Web users are divided: half consider the the girl to be jumping into the water because her hair seems to look dry, while the other half insist that the girl is swimming under water.

There were no details about the nationality of the child or how old she is, also it did not provide a decisive answer to end this debate - is she above or under the water? This is simply like the dress debate all over again.

See the original post on Imgur here