Home improvements: The art of picking pieces

Buy pieces that evoke an emotional response, and take your time.

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Buy pieces of art that evoke an emotional response. The best collections evolve gradually over time.

Don’t rely on obvious sources – visit art fairs, local markets and auction houses. Keep your eyes open, especially on your ­travels.

Art should be hung lower than you think; many people fall into the trap of hanging art too high, which creates an awkward focal point within the room. I like to experiment with levels.

Use mirrors in clever ways to create interesting reflections. Mirrors are a great way to show angles of a sculpture that may not otherwise be seen.

Creating artworks with friends and family is a fun way to add a personal touch – I edit and frame artworks created by my children to display alongside well-known pieces.

Don’t be too deferential – you can touch and move art, within reason. I accessorise my sculptures and often move pieces around. Seeing them from a new angle can be like seeing them again for the first time. Art should not be off-limits.

Niloufar Bakhtiar-Bakhtiari is the founder of NBB Design