Tuesday, November 6 is Stranger Things Day

We're not sure what that means, but fans of the Netflix hit are excited nonetheless

A scene from the teaser trailer for season 3 of Stranger Things. 
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The holiday season just got more festive, thanks to Netflix's cryptic Twitter announcement that Tuesday, November 6, will be Stranger Things Day.

The streaming giant doesn’t really tell us what that means, other than that November 6 is the anniversary of the day the fictional Will Byers disappeared in season one, but fans are excited nonetheless.

We'd like to think that Netflix is about to drop a surprise on us that day, perhaps by dropping series three onto the platform unannounced, as it did with The Cloverfield Paradox earlier this year, trailing the film with an ad at half time during the Superbowl, then dropping it on the site straight after the game.

That seems unlikely, however. Principal photography on season three is scheduled to finish sometime in November, so unless they’ve managed to get the shoot out of the way already, and then managed to edit, dub, colour correct and generally post-produce in record time, we seem likely to be waiting till the scheduled mid-2019 release for that particular treat.

A teaser trailer seems more likely. It's been about four months since Netflix dropped the first teaser for season 3, and that trailer didn't actually show us anything from the series – it was a fake ad for a fictional mall in the fictional Stranger Things setting of Hawkins, Indiana.

With the shoot now complete, or very close to completion, it seems feasible that the producers could throw enough footage together to give us at least a taste of what’s to come by Tuesday.

If a simple teaser, or perhaps even no teaser since this is purely speculation about the mysteries of Stranger Things Day, isn't enough for you, and you happen to be in Florida, you could always head to Universal Studios Tours. For one day only, the attraction will be opening up the Stranger Things Haunted House from 11am-7pm for fans to step into the shoes of Mike, Dustin and Lucas and rescue Will from the Upside Down themselves. The haunted house was created as part of the theme park's Halloween Horror Nights promotion, which began in September and ends tomorrow. Never one to turn down a holiday celebration, however, Universal has added one extra day to its lifespan in tribute to Will and co.


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