Netflix Party extension allows you to watch shows with friends while in coronavirus isolation - here's how

The Chrome extension lets you sync your screen with friends and chat at the same time


If you're facing a few days or weeks in isolation or quarantine amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Netflix has likely become your best friend. Although it can be very entertaining – there are, after all, plenty episodes of Stranger Things, Grace and Frankie, Narcos and Black Mirror to watch – it could get a little lonely. But with Google Chrome extension Netflix Party, you can synchronise what you're watching with friends, and even chat along with the show as if you were all sat together sharing a big bowl of popcorn.

The extension allows you to watch shows or films at the exact same time as friends, with joint control over play and pause. At the moment, it is only possible to use Netflix Party as an extension on Google Chrome web browser, while logged into your Netflix account. The add-on is only compatible with Netflix and will not work for other streaming platforms.

It is easy to download and navigate – but you'll find a handy how-to guide below, just in case – and each time the The National has tested the interface, it has been glitch-free and run smoothly.

How to use Netflix Party: 

1. Search Netflix Party on Google and click through to download the Google Chrome extension.

2. Once downloaded, a grey Netflix Party NP logo will appear in the top right of your screen.

3. Open up and login to your Netflix account, choose your show and hit the NP logo, which will turn red when a video is playing that can be shared.

4. Hit start the party, and a unique URL will be generated for you to share with friends who have already downloaded Netflix Party. Here you can choose if you want to have total control over playback, or if all viewers should be able to play, pause, fast-forward and rewind. Note: if a link is shared with you, you will still have to click the NP logo to start the chat and synchronised playback.

5. When your Netflix party is active, you will be able to chat away with the show. Even when the episode is maximised, the chat stays on screen as long as your Netflix Party extension is active.

6. When whatever you're watching ends, you have to return to step three and share the link again, Netflix Party doesn't automatically follow you through to the next episode.

7. More than two people can watch at the same time and you can change your name or icon by clicking the interlinked chain icon in the top right of the screen.


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