'Ms. Marvel' star Iman Vellani's most interesting responses from her Reddit AMA

Actress, 19, took to the social media platform to answer questions from fans

Iman Vellani made her acting debut with the role of Kamala Khan in 'Ms Marvel'. AP
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The star of Ms. Marvel, Iman Vellani, answered questions from fans on Reddit on Thursday.

Using the popular ask me anything format on the r/MarvelStudios subreddit, in which questions are posed by anonymous users, Vellani spent two hours interacting with admirers from around the world.

Topics ranged from how Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel would react to a situation, to what Vellani learnt while becoming part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as some personal ones.

She was also quizzed about what Pakistani or Canadian food she'd recommend (nihari, palak paneer and butter chicken), whether or not she enjoys pineapple on pizza (she doesn't) and if she's team cats or dogs (she says dogs, but did become very fond of a kitten she met recently).

“Hello to all variants out here! It’s Iman Vellani. I’ve been lurking on these subs in the shadows as a huge fan and now that I have successfully infiltrated the MCU it’s time to spill the tea for you all. Or like a couple drops of friendly juice that won’t get me fired," Vellani wrote while sharing a photo to confirm her identity to her username.

“Now that the show is finally out I feel like I can breathe and interact with you guys, so please ask away and I’ll answer whatever I can before The Almighty Feige calls and tells me to stop."

Here are some of the most interesting questions answered by the star:

How did it feel to pretend to have superpowers while filming?

“How weird is it to stand and pretend you’re using superpowers on camera? Do you have to stop yourself from making noises, I definitely would,” asked user norkelman.

Vellani answers by saying it is “very embarrassing actually” before giving an example.

“[Uncomfortable] flashy supersuit, can’t pee, cold Atlanta nights, bright lights, you must wear a giant Sith Lord-esque cape to protect from [paparazzi]. You stick out like a sore thumb,” she says.

“You take off said cape, now you’re cold and everyone is staring, you stand tall and suck in your stomach. Now purple LED lights shine at you and you pretend this stuff is coming out of you but in reality it is dead silent and you are making weird grunting noises because what does ‘hard light’ actually sound like?”

She finishes with a line that sounds very Kamala-esque: “But hey! I’m a superhero so that trumps everything.”

What other Marvel character would you want to play?

User iPeterParker asked: “If you could play any Marvel character other than Kamala, who would it be?” Vellani responded simply: “Galactus.”

Galactus, a character who debuted in The Fantastic Four #48 comic book in 1966, is a cosmic entity who consumes planets to maintain his life force. It is the first (and oldest) living entity in the universe. While versions of Galactus have appeared in films, the comic book iteration has yet to.

Has becoming part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe changed how you view it?

Looking into her newfound fame as a member of the MCU, FranksFandoms asks: “As an MCU fan, has seeing ‘how the sausage is made’ by being involved with the franchise ruined the magic at all? Or are you still just as excited to see the next MCU thing as we all are?"

“I might be even more excited now. I think watching real people work on these shows and seeing all the effort and manpower it takes just humanised these films so much more,” she says. “They have so much to offer beyond the amazing storytelling. And every single person who works at Marvel Studios is so in love with what they do and that dedication to their craft is what makes a good if not great movie.”

Drayko_Sanbar asked: "What has been your most unexpected element of being involved in a Marvel production?" Vellani replied: "Things are actually not planned 10 years in advance, there are many happy coincidences."

How can South Asian culture be represented more in the future of the MCU?

User SenDeAgO began their question by explaining they are an Australian-born Sri Lankan and dreams to do what Vellani has done for South Asian representation in Western media. They added they would enjoy seeing more South Asian characters in the MCU as a way to show representation but to also help boost identity and self-esteem, something they struggling with growing up in Australia.

"My question is, how do you see South Asian culture and the diaspora being represented in the MCU in the future, whether that be through your character or future characters?" asked SenDeAgO.

"This isn’t the singular representation or story of a Muslim family of the Muslim experience. This is a story. There are two billion Muslims and South Asians in the world so everyone has their own unique experience so I do hope that shows like this inspire more Muslim and South Asian creatives to share their specific perspectives and do this important work, Ms. Marvel is just the beginning!" she says.

Would Kamala Khan be on Team Iron Man or Team Captain America?

User FeelingFirst asked: “Hello! Would Kamala have been in Tony’s side or Cap’s during Civil War” referencing Captain America: Civil War (2016) in which members of the Avengers are forced to choose sides after a political rift divides Tony Stark's Iron Man and Steve Rogers's Captain America.

“Tony! To be fair he is kind of like her superhero dad in the comics,” Vellani says.

She was also asked by user PrinceRajR about when she was going to meet Robert Downey Jr, who plays Tony Stark/Iron Man and who many often cite as starting today's globally-adored MCU.

"I think about this literally every day. As of right now I do not wanna meet him. I've been a lot better at not putting celebrities on pedestals and humanising them but I'm not ready to do that to RDJ just yet," she says.

Updated: July 15, 2022, 3:48 PM