First Netflix Arabic reality series 'The Fastest' is a race for glory

The six-part show, subtitled in 31 languages, will feature contestants from across the Arab world

In 'The Fastest', contestants go head to head in drag races across deserts, race tracks and paved roads, competing for a cash prize. Photo: Netflix
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Netflix’s first Arabic reality show The Fastest will put the region’s love for fast cars to the metal.

The streaming platform released a trailer on Wednesday, giving us an initial look at the six-part series, which will debut on November 23.

From glistening vintage US muscles to sleek German speedsters and Japanese sports cars modded to the teeth, the trailer features plenty of breakneck rides with no shortage of rev and roar. But the show is, perhaps, less about the cars than the men and women driving them.

The Fastest’s contestants come from various backgrounds across the Arab world. They will go head to head in drag races across deserts, race tracks and paved roads, competing for a cash prize. The adventure, Netflix promises, will be “unpredictable”.

“They will be challenged and put to the test every step of the way to prove they are the fastest,” the platform said.

But what’s a reality show without some sharp-toothed commentary?

Popular Saudi actor and YouTube personality Tarek Al Harbi will be narrating The Fastest, putting his brand of quick-witted comedy in the high-octane show.

In the trailer, he is heard warning the audience: “Everything you know about speed is over.”

“The challenge is really big,” one of the show’s contestants is seen saying in the trailer. “It’s not just the car. It’s the car, the driver, the set-up. It’s everything.”

The Fastest is our first unscripted Arab Netflix series and it will deliver on the tenets of our content strategy with its authenticity, representation, and creativity,” said Lucy Leveugle, director of Nonfiction Originals at Netflix Emea.

“We know that the Arab world has a particular love for fast cars and thrilling experiences, so The Fastest will put the best of the best through their paces for fans from the Middle East and beyond."

Updated: October 27, 2021, 2:16 PM