Mohamed Ramadan, Dina El Sherbiny and Nasser Al Qasabi to star in Ramadan drama series

A number of regional actors are signing up to star in shows scheduled for next year

Egyptian stars Mohammed Ramadan and Dina El Sherbiny will star in a drama series that will debut during Ramadan in 2022.

The project's director Mohamed Yasine confirmed the development to ET Bil Arabi on Thursday.

While the project’s title and plotline remain under wraps, Yasine is known for period dramas, including 2016's Afrah AlQoba, set in the 1970s and 2013's Moga Harra, following the lives of an Egyptian family across generations.

While Ramadan is no stranger to such formats, having starred in the 20th century set drama Mousa this year, it will be interesting to see how El Sherbiny fares. The actress is renowned for high octane roles in modern and topical dramas such as Luebet Al Nesyan (2020) and Zay El Shams (2019).

Other stars coming our way

The duo are not the only stars set to return to the small screen during Ramadan, which is due to fall in April.

Saudi Arabian comedy giant Nasser Al Qasabi confirmed to The National that he will star in the third season of Al Assouf.

Based on the novel Boyoun Al Turb by Saudi Arabian author Abdul Rahman Al Askari, the historical drama premiered in 2019 and has been praised for presenting a different side of the kingdom.

It is far removed from the shiny metropolises of today and focuses more on simpler times, before the oil boom and when family life was at the centre of society.

A third season of the Egyptian military drama Al Ikhtiyar is also in the works.

The high budget production features a standalone story and cast each season, with a plotline that focuses on the Egyptian authorities foiling attacks planned by domestic terrorist groups.

While the cast is yet to be revealed, Al Ikhtiyar has featured big names in the past, with Amir Karara and Ahmed Mekky starring in the first and second series respectively.

Another series making a comeback is Al Maddah, with this year's debut season following the life of Saber El Maddah, a popular personality whose life goes awry after the murder of his friend.

While there are no details of the new plot, lead actor and singer Hamada Helal will return in the titular role.

Mona Zaki is also gearing up for a Ramadan appearance. After her critically lauded role in this year's Le'bet Newton, the Egyptian actress will star in a new series written by Mariam Naoum, who was behind the romantic comedy series Khali Balek Men Zizi, which broadcast in Ramadan in April.

Updated: September 25th 2021, 2:41 PM