Watch: Emirati singer Ahlam performs a traditional Saudi dance while in the kingdom

The singer, who refers to herself as pop royalty, performed in the mountains of Saudi Arabia over the weekend

Emirati singer Ahlam wore a purple dress by Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad for a performance in Saudi Arabia. 
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Emirati singer Ahlam, who is often called 'the Queen' due to her immense popularity, performed in Abha in Saudi Arabia on Friday night as part of Al Soudah Season.

The performance has since gone viral on Twitter, and that's thanks to her dance moves rather than her voice.

The singer was joined on stage by a traditional dance troupe, who took her through the Saudi dance style known as 'al khatwa al janabiyah'.

The dance is most common in the south of Saudi, which is apt, considering 'janabiyah' means southern, while 'khatwa' means step.

Both those on and off stage got involved in the group dance, which involves rhythmic stepping, bowing and arm swaying:

Ahlam, who has a huge fan base across the Gulf region and was a judge on Arab Idol, wore an ornate Zuhair Murad gown for the occasion:

She also donned some very ornate diamond jewels: click below to play a video that gives a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the concert:

While the Al Soudah Season officially began on Thursday, August 1, this is the first actual concert for the event, because organisers waited for Hajj to finish before putting on any shows.

Ahlam performed in the Talal Maddah theatre in Abha, which is an elevated city and so has a lovely fresh climate all year. The city is situated on Al Soudah mountain, which is one of the kingdom's highest peaks, with an elevation of around 3,000 metres. The singer also has performances lined up in Taif and Riyadh later this year.

There is also Al Taif Season

Al Soudah isn't the only mountainous area to host a season of events in Saudi Arabia this summer.; also running currently is Al Taif Season.

Al Taif is a mountainous city in the Makkah province known for its flowers, called the al ward al taifi, which have a strong scent and create famous perfumes.

These two cities are always considered a summer gateway for Saudi residents due to their cooler weather. Al Taif season includes a Colour Run, a world orchestra performance and guided hiking trips.

The season also includes the Souk Okaz festival in the 1,400-year-old market that is known for hosting poetry competitions.

These two seasons are just part of the 12 Saudi seasonal festivals spread across the country, all taking place in different months. The flurry of seasons started last March, and will carry on until 2020, with each season lasting anywhere from two to 11 weeks.

After the above two seasons, Riyadh will be the next host in October.