Spotify launches new music series for the region

The streaming service’s Radar programme pairs regional acts for various genres and cultures

Hollaphonic and Xriss team up for new song for Spotify. Courtesy Spotify
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Spotify has launched its first regional music initiative.

After establishing itself firmly in the Middle East, with its headquarters in Dubai Media City, the streaming giant unveiled Radar.

The music series has artists from various cultures and genres collaborate for a new song to be recorded in one of Spotify’s international studios.

Kicking off the series is Save Me, featuring Dubai electronic music duo Hollaphonic and Lebanese singer Xriss.

Recorded in London, the breezy pop tune will be uploaded on to the platform on Friday, March 27. For Spotify Middle East and North Africa managing director, Claudius Boller, the track exemplifies the ethos of the Radar programme.

“This region is rich in its musical heritage, diversity of cultures, and multiplicity of languages and dialects,” he said.

“And in simple terms we want to tap into that culture, to share it and to inspire something completely new that the world can discover.”

Both artists are also keen for the world to hear the new track.

“I couldn't have been more excited to do something I didn't – in a million years – think was going to sound this incredible,” said Xriss.

In a statement from Hollaphonic, the duo said the creative process was refreshingly free from any corporate meddling. Instead, they described Spotify’s role in the whole project as that of mentor.

“They didn’t change our sound but they certainly made us think about our approach and how to best represent ourselves through this collaboration,” it read.

More songs and collaborators as part of the Radar project will be announced soon.