Hussain Al Jassmi, Sherine and Mohamed Salah get involved in inspirational Ramadan music videos

The new songs form part of Ramadan campaigns by Egyptian companies

Amir Eid, top left, Ahmed Bahaa, bottom left, Mohamed and Makka Salah, and Mona Zaki have all taken part in Ramadan campaigns. YouTube
Amir Eid, top left, Ahmed Bahaa, bottom left, Mohamed and Makka Salah, and Mona Zaki have all taken part in Ramadan campaigns. YouTube

Some of the Arab world’s biggest pop stars and celebrities have taken part in new Ramadan-themed songs as the holy month gets under way.

Emirati singer Hussain Al Jassmi, Egyptian singer Sherine Abdel Wahab and Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah are some of the high-profile personalities getting involved with Egyptian corporate campaigns, ranging from telecommunications providers to banks.

A standard industry practice during the holy month, big companies often tap singers and celebrities to provide the soundtrack and take part in big-budget Ramadan advertisements.

Thankfully, these glitzy productions are created more as a social corporate responsibility measure as opposed to a full advertising project. Therefore, these videos are often heartfelt and focus on the family values of Ramadan, with a little company logo splashed on the corner of the screen or appearing at the end.

Here are four campaigns that have been released during the first days of Ramadan.

Sunat Al Hayat by Hussain Al Jassmi

Al Jassmi and Egyptian pop are an ideal match. Not only did that musical marriage result in Al Jassmi's biggest hit, the viral sensation that was Boshret Kheir in 2014, but the carefree sounds and ebullient melodies of the genre showcase a lighter and fun side of the Emirati singer.

Sunat Al Hayat (translated to mean “a life norm”) is a case in point. It is a life-affirming ditty for Orange Egypt. Since they are a telecommunications company, the song’s message is, unsurprisingly, about the need for connection during Ramadan.

Anta Al Nouska Al Asliya, Inta Isthina'i by Mahmoud El Esseily

It has been a busy time for El Esseily: not only did he compose the track Sunat Al Hayat for Al Jassmi, but he also contributed to the Ramadan stakes with another tune.

Used as part of Banque Misr's Ramadan campaign, the unwieldy title translates as: “You are the original copy. You are exceptional.”

The anthem pays tribute to society’s underappreciated heroes, from medical workers and firemen to people of determination. Beautifully shot in Cairo’s streets and laneways, the track’s uplifting nature makes you want to pat yourself on the back.

Ezwatna Malayeen by Sherine Abdel Wahab

Translated to mean “our solace in millions", this star-studded track, sung by Sherine Abdel Wahab for Vodafone Egypt, focuses on how Egyptian celebrities are spending Ramadan in isolation.

It looks like Liverpool star Mohamed Salah has a football pitch for a backyard in his cameo, as we see him play with his adorable daughter Makka.

Actress Mona Zaki, meanwhile, is spotted washing her large white SUV with her two kids.

Singers Amir Eid and Ahmed Bahaa are busy recording a song from their respective home studios, comedian Mohamed Henedy is chilling on the couch scrolling through his messages and Esaad Younis seems to be Zooming with friends.

Other personalities in the video include actors Ahmed Fahmy, Amina Khalil, Abdul Rahman Abou Zahra and Hashim Majid.

Qadrin by Moustafa Amar, Ehab Tawfiq, Hisham Abbas and Hamid Al Shairi

The stars of the 1980s and 1990s Egyptian music scene turn back the years in this delightful slice of nostalgic pop.

With a title that translate as “able”, the song was composed for the 19011 chain of pharmacies. The video, meanwhile, is love letter to the times when VHS cassettes were our Netflix and going out for good time meant playing a game of pool.

Best part of all, all four singers are in great form. Bring on the post-pandemic joint tour.

Published: April 27, 2020 05:17 PM


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