What to watch this Eid Al Fitr 2022: five Arabic films hitting UAE and Egyptian cinemas

Here are the titles expected to be released in time for the holiday

Haifa Wehbe stars in the thriller 'Ashbah Europa', which is being screened in the UAE and Egypt over Eid Al Fitr
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With Ramadan coming to an end, UAE and Egyptian cinemas are ramping up their offerings with anticipated releases for Eid Al Fitr. According to the International Astronomical Centre, Eid is expected to begin on Monday, May 2, but this will be confirmed by the UAE's Moon-sighting committee.

This season's biggest films will form a major boost for the Egyptian industry. Two titles being screened this week were completed last year but had their release dates delayed owing to the spread of Covid-19.

Cinemagoers should also expect a comforting dose of the familiar with action star Ahmed El Sakka and comedians Ahmed Helmy and Mohamed Henedy returning with new features.

Here are the new films coming out in cinemas this Eid in the UAE and Egypt:

1. 'Ashbah Europa' (May 1)

It is a case of better late than never for this thriller. Completed and originally slated for release over Eid Al Fitr last year, the film was delayed owing to the second wave of Covid-19 sweeping through the Mena region.

The film's title means The Ghosts of Europe and it's a psychological tale of Lili (Lebanese singer and actress Haifa Wehbe) giving birth to sextuplets, only to realise her husband has sold three of them behind her back to make ends meet.

Distraught, Lili sets off on a global mission to find her missing children. The film boasts a strong Egyptian cast including Bayoumi Fouad and Ahmad El Fishawi.

2. 'Zombie Ala Janbi' (May 1)

Translated as Zombie Beside Me, the comedy has Egyptian actor Ali Rabee playing the frontman of a band.

After a particularly raucous village gig, their car breaks down and the terrified group come face to face with a zombie who puts them through their paces.

3. Wahed Tany (May 2)

Egyptian comedian Ahmed Helmy stars in an ensemble comedy about second chances.

The story follows the travails of Mustafa, a prison counsellor falling into apathy because of career stagnation. Inspired by a friend, he begins to find the joy in life again.

4 ‘Elankabot’ (May 2)

This is another film that had its premiere pushed back a year owing to the pandemic. Action man Ahmed El Sakka returns in a darker role as The Spider, a criminal whose ambitions spiral out of control and is now on the run from the authorities.

The film also stars Mona Zaki and Tunisian actor Dhafer L'Abidine. It's currently scheduled to be screened in Egyptian cinemas only.

5. 'El Gawahergy' (May 2)

Comedian Mohamed Henedy is reuniting with Mona Zaki on the big screen after 20 years. Translated as The Jeweller, the film is a domestic comedy with Henedy playing a respected gem dealer who finds his reputation shattered owing to his topsy-turvy relationship with his wife.

The film’s screening is currently limited to Egyptian cinemas.

Updated: April 29, 2022, 4:15 AM