Ahlan Simsim to encourage positive self-identity in children this Ramadan

The Arabic version of Sesame Street follows the adventures of Basma, Jad and friends

To celebrate the launch of the latest season, Ahlan Simsim held a special screening at Cinemacity Fountain Views in Downtown Dubai. Photo: Ahlan Simsim
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The fuzzy tenants of Ahlan Simsim will be congregating for the show’s seventh season in Ramadan, this time encouraging positive self-identity and helping children feel good about the qualities that make them who they are.

An Arabic version of Sesame Street, Ahlan Simsim follows the adventures of Basma, Jad, and their diverse set of friends, which include familiar characters such as Elmo, Gargur (Grover), and Kaki (Cookie Monster). Each episode features the Muppets alongside animated characters and trusted adults who help them set goals and persevere.

Ahlan Simsim characters Basma, Ma'zooza and Jad. The award-winning children’s show is from the creators of Iftah Ya Simsim and Sesame Street. Photo: Ahlan Simsim

For the new season, the Muppets aim to encourage young viewers to learn skills that will help them build self-confidence, while also making a positive contribution to their communities.

In addition to highlighting the importance of children’s social and emotional well-being, the 26 episodes of the coming season include new literacy, maths, and DIY segments, plus a live-action component featuring children and their families from the region.

“Nurturing positive self-identity in children at an early age empowers them to try new things and strive for success. It is part of the development of much-needed soft skills that form the basis for social and emotional growth,” says Khaled Haddad, the show’s executive producer.

“With Ahlan Simsim, we have the opportunity to take on this great task and help develop a positive sense of self among our young viewers, a responsibility which we take very seriously.”

Each episode of Ahlan Simsim features Muppets alongside animated characters and trusted adults who help them set goals and persevere. Photo: Ahlan Simsim

Since its launch in February 2020, Ahlan Simsim has reached more than 23 million young viewers across the Middle East and North Africa.

Produced in Amman in collaboration with Jordan Pioneers, Ahlan Simsim comes from a team of writers, producers and performers from across the region. The show’s curriculum and storylines were designed in collaboration with local early childhood specialists and psychologists.

The series is part of a broader humanitarian initiative of the same name ― a partnership between Sesame Workshop and the International Rescue Committee.

Through Ahlan Simsim and direct services in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria, the programme reaches families affected by conflict and displacement with vital educational resources that help young viewers to thrive. The initiative has reached one million children and caregivers.

“Sesame Workshop is thrilled with the response to Ahlan Simsim. We’ve heard incredibly moving stories from parents and teachers about how children watch Ahlan Simsim and apply its educational messages to their own lives,” says Scott Cameron, head of international production at Sesame Workshop.

“Educational experts carefully crafted the show’s curriculum to build upon the foundational social-emotional skills that Ahlan Simsim featured in previous seasons. And, in continuing the Sesame model that began with Iftah Ya Simsim, we ensure that every episode is packed with joy, humour, playfulness and heartfelt moments of friendship.”

Starting the first day of Ramadan, season seven of Ahlan Simsim will broadcast daily on MBC3 at 2.30pm UAE time

Updated: March 17, 2023, 12:21 PM