Dubai Bling star Kris Fade taken to task by radio show caller

Woman calls out presenter for creating an unrealistic image of city in hit Netflix show

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, AUGUST 3, 2016. RJ Kris Fade of The The Kris Fade Show in their studio at Arabian Radio Network offices. Photo: Reem Mohammed / The National  (Reporter: Afshan Ahmed / Section: AL) ID 20528 *** Local Caption ***  RM_20160803_ARN_003.JPG
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Dubai Bling star and radio presenter Kris Fade was taken to task on air by a listener who criticised him for an unfair representation of the city in the hit Netflix show.

Fade had just finished a segment on his Virgin Radio show in which he bemoaned the price of a Dh14,800 ($4,029) Rimowa case sold in Dubai Mall.

The caller ― named Maryam ― said she had lived in Dubai for 17 years and that the show in which Fade starred did not reflect the lifestyles of most people living in the emirate.

On the show on November 29, Fade said: “I was at the Dubai Mall and we were walking past the expensive area with all the big brands, I saw this luggage store. It looked beautiful, so I walked in and I was like, 'they look nice'.”.

Dubai is home from home for me, but the show portrayed people who live here as shallow, brand driven and we live a luxury life
Maryam, Virgin Radio caller

“I opened one up ― it was nice, a hard case. I did that thing where they told me the price, and inside my mind was exploding. It was Dh14,800 for one bag.”

Rimowa’s range of carry-on luggage costs about Dh7,000, while a supreme branded Rimowa Topas 45-litre case sells for a staggering Dh18,000.

The caller phoned in to take Fade to task over his comments.

“I’m listening to you saying you were shocked by the Dh14,000 price, which is ironic coming from a man who was in Dubai Bling, who promoted a bling lifestyle, who thinks the Dubai lifestyle is based on bling,” she said.

“I am just surprised, that you are surprised. The way you portrayed Dubai Bling, was that everybody is a millionaire in this town who can afford Dh14,000 luggage.

“This was a good reality for you, maybe you should do a show that is not so much Dubai Bling, but Dubai reality.

“Dubai is home from home for me, but the show portrayed people who live here as shallow, brand driven and we live a luxury life.

“We are giving the world the wrong impression, the majority of us are normal, average people.”

Fade hit back, while his colleagues made it clear Dubai Bling was an entertainment show focused on a minority who live a gilded lifestyle.

“To get money, you don’t spend money,” he said.

“The show was not a representation of everyone in this country, it was made to get people to watch.

“It is the most watched show that has ever come out of this region.”

While the Rimowa luggage range may be expensive, it is not the most pricey on offer.

According to Forbes magazine, a Louis Vuitton luggage set ― to include armoire trunk, wardrobe trunk, steamer trunk, four matching suitcases, a hat box, cruiser bag and a jewellery case ― will set you back a cool $601,340.

Also high on the list of overpriced luggage is Henk, where bags can cost from about $20,000 for a single piece.

Updated: November 30, 2022, 11:58 AM