The Scottish Prisoner: journey in the shadow of an uprising

The latest chapter in Diana Gabaldon's Lord John series is a well-balanced mix of adventure and drama.

The Scottish Prisoner
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The Scottish Prisoner is the latest chapter in Diana Gabaldon's Lord John series and fans should be pleased to note the appearance of Jamie Fraser, one of the protagonists from the successful Outlander novels.

Gabaldon has been busy collecting accolades over the past few years, including a Quill Award and Corine International Book Prize, so it seems natural to expect nothing less than stellar work from her, especially with the inclusion of a popular character from a well-established series, of which Lord John happens to be a spin-off.

For the most part, the plot is a well-balanced mix of 18th century adventure and drama, complete with an array of interesting side-characters. The third-person narration shifts between Fraser and Lord John himself, allowing for interesting glimpses into the rising tension soaking the duo's interactions as they head off to Ireland for the purpose of gathering evidence for a court martial.

Of course, the journey isn't as simple as it sounds, especially with the promise of an uprising ringing in the air.