The 1970s inspire ‘flower power’ exhibition in Kolkata

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Brightly coloured teapots and kettles are the big draws of an exhibition in Kolkata, the capital of India’s West Bengal state, that pays homage to the “flower power” movement of the 70s.

The Flower Power Teapot Show captures the vivid hues of the 1970s through teapots of various shapes and sizes created by local and international artists, who say their work was inspired by the motifs and music of the decade.

The art exhibition, which began on July 27 at Kolkata’s Gallery Sanskriti and runs until August 18, claims to be all about the “simplicity of a flower and the art of tea-drinking”.

There are 20 teapot designs on display, ranging in cost from 4,000 rupees to 50,000 rupees (Dh230 to Dh30,000).

Artists showing their works include Ira Choudhury, Jyotsana Bhatt, Mansimran Singh, Rekha Bajpe Agarwal, Panthini Thaker, Ritvij Mistry, Shampa Shah, Nidhi Chopra, Sharbani Dasgupta, Pallav Das, Ajay Kanwal, Nehal Rachh, Sandra Black, (Australia), Anatolii Borodkin and Eugenia Logninova (Latvia), Isabelle Roux (France), Anjani Khanna, Galguni Bhatt Sanghavi and Aditi Saraogi.