Louvre Abu Dhabi 360: Check out the galleries from all angles

Take a 360 degree view inside three rooms of Louvre Abu Dhabi

Ai WeiWei's Fountain of Light in Gallery 12 of Louvre Abu Dhabi. Chris Whiteoak / The National

Louvre Abu Dhabi opens to the public on November 11. We take a snapshot of three rooms in 360 degrees.

The Courtyard

Art and the museum's architecture meet. Experience Jean Nouvel's Rain of Light. Walking Man, On a Column by artist Augusta Rodin sits in front of a limestone reliefs by Jenny Holzer. The bronze tree, Leaves of Light is one of a three-part installation called Germination by Giuseppe Penone.

Gallery 10: A Modern World?

This room explores the impact of the European Industrial Revolution on the world, through the development of transport and new technologies. Try to spot A Young Emir Studying by Osman Hamdy Bey and Paul Gougin's Children Wrestling.

Gallery 12: A Global Stage

The final gallery is dominated by Ai Weiwei's chandelier like Fountain of Light. Circling the centrepiece is a collection of creative works that expresses our multicultural world in the 21st Century.


Louvre Abu Dhabi

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