Kamala Harris has 48-game 'Wordle' streak and describes the puzzle as her 'brain cleanser'

The US Vice President says she starts with 'notes' to guess the word in four goes

US Vice President Kamala Harris has said that a game of 'Wordle' is part of her nightly routine. EPA
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Vice presidents, they're just like us. If you're addicted to a daily fix of Wordle, that is.

US Vice President Kamala Harris has said that she is currently playing the online word game, which she has had an impressive 48-day winning streak in, treating it as a "brain cleanser".

“My night-time ritual is the mini New York Times crossword. And then Sudoku, although I don’t think I’ve pronounced that right ever,” Harris said in an interview published on pop culture website The Ringer on Monday.

Wordle, for me, is like a brain cleanser. So it’s in the middle of very long days, back-to-back meetings on a lot of intense issues. If I have a break, let’s say that people are running late or my little 25 minutes for lunch, sometimes while I’m eating I’ll figure out Wordle.”

'Wordle' was taken over by 'The New York Times' on February 1. PA

She even shared her key to a winning first word on the game, saying she relies on the word "notes".

“I think that you have to have a healthy mix of consonants and vowels, and a lot of words come with an S,” she said. “​​I mean, I think that the design of Wordle is genius.

“First of all, five letters, but also only one word a day, right? It’s really genius. Because, you know, some other games over the years where you could then just get kind of hooked and really spend far too much time. I think it’s really a smart design.”

She is clearly a dab hand at the game, saying: "My normal is four [guesses] ... That’s my average."

Wordle-mania: which countries are best at the game?

A study by the website Word Tips has revealed which countries have the best Wordle scores.

The most efficient nation at guessing the daily riddle is Sweden, with the average player guessing the right word in 3.72 tries.

It's followed by Switzerland, with an average of 3.78 guesses, and Poland in third place with 3.79.

People in Belgium and Australia take 3.8 tries each, while in Finland it's 3.81 and Denmark, Brazil and South Africa are tied at 3.83.

In 10th place is Israel, where they take 3.84 attempts to get the right word. The UAE comes in joint 11th position with Ireland, where people take an average of 3.87 guesses.

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