Abu Dhabi Film Festival buzz: Eberts honoured

Raising interest

The Middle East version of Kickstarter, Aflamnah, is more than a year old with dozens of projects funded. During a seminar on crowd-sourced funding at Emirates Palace, the website’s founders Lotfi Bencheikh and Vida Rizq revealed their tips for ­success. “You need to make your [pitch] as exciting and inspiring as possible,” explained Rizq. “Rather than ask for money, you invite people to be part of your project.”

Eberts honoured

ADFF has renamed its documentary prize in honour of the producer behind such blockbuster hits as Chariots of Fire, Ghandi, Driving Miss Daisy and Dances with Wolves. Jake Eberts, a Canadian, died last September after a successful career that won 37 Oscars, including four for Best Picture. He developed a strong relationship with the UAE, strengthened after his most significant visit in 2007, and he was heavily involved in many Abu Dhabi film industry milestones, including the making of the hit Abu Dhabi-produced films Contagion and The Help. His acclaimed documentary Journey to Mecca debuted in Abu Dhabi in 2009.


Published: October 29, 2013 04:00 AM