German supermarket Aldi to create 2,000 jobs in UK expansion

Retailer plans to open 100 new branches in the UK over the next two years

German supermarket giant Aldi said on Monday that it planned to create 2,000 jobs in the UK next year, expanding despite supply pressures elsewhere in the retail sector.

A £1.3 billion ($1.8bn) investment will open 100 branches over the next two years, the group said.

Aldi UK and Ireland, which has enjoyed booming sales in the coronavirus pandemic, has created 7,000 jobs over the past two years.

The group has also weathered Britain's supply chain crisis because of its smaller number of product ranges and suppliers, it said.

Aldi also improved pay for its lorry drivers amid an ongoing driver shortage in Britain.

"It's difficult to believe that anyone could be immune from the supply challenges we are seeing," said Aldi UK and Ireland chief executive Giles Hurley.

"But our business is pretty unique and ultimately well positioned to deal with these issues because of our reduced number of suppliers and smaller range."

Aldi said that sales soared by 10.2 per cent in the region to £12.3bn last year.

The group has 41,000 employees and 920 stores in the UK and Ireland.

Mr Hurley said the group and its suppliers had not been affected by the UK disruption to fuel supplies, and that its depots were fully stocked.

Updated: September 27th 2021, 10:07 PM