Robert Kennedy's grandson Conor says he fought in Ukraine during Russian war

'I was also willing to die there,' he says of his involvement in the conflict

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Conor Kennedy, the grandson of Robert F Kennedy, shared on social media that he spent time in Ukraine fighting against Russia alongside other international volunteers in the country's north-east.

“Like many people, I was deeply moved by what I saw happening in Ukraine over the past year. I wanted to help. When I heard about Ukraine’s International Legion, I knew I was going, and I went to the embassy to enlist the next day,” he wrote in an Instagram post last week.

He added that he has already returned home.

His grandfather, known as Bobby Kennedy, was the brother of former president John F Kennedy and served as US attorney general and as a New York senator before he was assassinated in Los Angeles 1968.

Mr Kennedy, who dated Taylor Swift in 2012, said he went to Ukraine without any military training and was willing to die in the conflict.

“Going in, I had no prior military experience and wasn’t a great shot, but I could carry heavy things and learnt fast. I was also willing to die there,” he wrote. “So they soon agreed to send me to the north-eastern front.”

Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine on February 24. Despite initial losses, Ukrainian troops have taken back a sizeable piece of their national territory, while Moscow is increasingly upping its bombardment of the country.

He did not share how long he was on the ground in the country, but that he left for undisclosed reasons.

“I know I’m lucky I made it back, but I would also take all the risks we took over again.”

Mr Kennedy ended his post with a call to arms for people to fight in Ukraine or to send medical supplies.

Updated: October 21, 2022, 7:53 PM